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Collage for Black History Month
Social Justice and Student Government Celebrate Black History Month
Clara Franzoni and Abby Eydman February 25, 2021

With a focus on educating the Morgan population on both the challenges and successes of disadvantaged communities, the Social Justice Club...

Corn Crib Demolition
Corn Crib Demolition
January 28, 2021
Trump Supporters climb and gather on the Capitol building
Image via Los Angeles Times
Opinion: President Trump's Siege on Democracy
Clara Franzoni and Abby Eydman January 7, 2021

If anyone needed a clear example of how white supremacy and fear-mongering are still evident in America, consider the pro-Trump alt-right protestors...

Caitlyn Donadio after hitting her 1,000 point
Uncovering Covid's Secrets: Athletics
Iris Dunham, Reporter • February 25, 2021

When COVID-19 hit Connecticut in March of 2020, the severity of the virus and the impact it would have on Morgan were unknown. While there was...

Students of Morgan holding the flags
Seniors: Alternatives to College
Leah Burdick, Reporter and Writer • February 22, 2021

Teens may be brainwashed into believing that the only path after high school is college. The truth is that there are many other options to start...

Healthcare Professionals Reviews On COVID-19 Vaccine
Healthcare Professionals Reviews On COVID-19 Vaccine
Julia Silver and Genna Rauccio January 14, 2021

When the coronavirus pandemic started, there were many people frantically looking for a vaccine to prevent people from spreading the virus. The...

Restaurants During COVID-19
Restaurants During COVID-19
December 18, 2020
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