The Morgan PawPrint

2020-2021 Staff

Ryan Mansfield

Editor and Staff Writer

Ryan Mansfield, class of 2021, I am working for the Morgan PawPrint for the first time this year. I will be an editor as well as a reporter.  This year I will be covering the Morgan community and national news stories. In my...

Jonathan Blair

Editor and Staff Writer

My name is Jonathan Blair. I am an editor for the Morgan PawPrint. This is the second time I have taken this class. I first took it to explore the world of journalism, and I am taking it again because I enjoyed doing it the first...

Clara Franzoni

Staff Writer, Photographer, Reporter

Hi! I'm Clara Franzoni, Class of 2021, and this is my second year as a staff photographer for the Morgan PawPrint, and my first as a staff writer. Abby Eydman and I will run a new segment for the PawPrint we founded called PawParazzi,...

Ryan Inglis

Staff Writer, Photographer, Reporter

I am Ryan Inglis a member of the class of 2021. I am interested in all sports and athletics. I write for the Morgan PawPrint because I want to spread and share interesting topics and news to the Morgan Community that most people...

Abby Eydman

Staff Writer, Photographer, Reporter

Hi! I'm Abby Eydman, a 2021 Morgan senior, and I am a reporter for the PawPrint. With a love for interviewing, I am running the weekly column, PawParazzi, to feature Morgan students, alongside reporter Clara Franzoni. Outside...

Sozon Albanis

Staff Writer, Photographer, Reporter

I am Sozon Albanis, a student of the class of 2021 My Interests include working in the kitchen with my dad at his restaurant and helping my mom paint apartments in a building that we own. I love to ride my bicycle all around to...

Genna Rauccio

Staff Writer and Reporter

My name is Genna Rauccio, and I am in the class of 2021. This is my first year writing for The Morgan Pawprint. I write for the Pawprint because especially now, the world is so crazy, and there is a lot of change occurring so...

Julia Silver

Staff Writer and Reporter

My name is Julia Silver, and I am in the class of 2021. I joined The Morgan PawPrint because so much goes on in the community involving teachers and student life. By reporting on the school community, I hope to bring the school...

Julianne Goodman


Hello there! I am Julianne Goodman an inspiring artist and writer here at the Morgan School. This year is the first time working for the PawPrint. I can't wait to share my knowledge of art and literature amongst the Morgan family....

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