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Opinion: The Foster Care System Isnt Working

Opinion: The Foster Care System Isn’t Working

Ana Colebank- Guest Writer May 9, 2022

Brittany Chapman, editor Children that are removed from families are often removed due to abuse or neglect. When officials remove these children, they place them in a broken foster care system. The...

Editorial: Dress Codes Target Girls

Editorial: Dress Codes Target Girls

Bella Fishman May 4, 2022

Junior Bella Fishman wrote the following editorial for English 11. It’s 7 am. A young girl is standing confidently in the mirror, getting ready to go to school. She just put together the perfect outfit....

A picture of Ms. Hayner in her office.

An Explanation of ADHD

Noelle Woods, Student April 12, 2022

According to the CDC, 9.4% of children have ADHD, with boys more likely to be diagnosed with it than girls (12.9% compared to 5.6%). ADHD is a learning disorder that stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactive...

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Opinion: The Flaws in Morgan’s Mental Health Campaign

Noelle Woods, Student April 1, 2022

Mental health concerns are prevalent in the lives of teenagers. Whether it’s puberty or outside sources, it changes our lives and our outlooks. The issue we mainly have is navigating these new emotions,...

A Tour Around the Black Sea

A Tour Around the Black Sea

Can Yucel, Editor/Writer March 31, 2022

Cities like Paris, London, New York, Tokyo, Melbourne are known by everyone. Because these cities are magnificent, you can find information about those places everywhere, so I want to write something unique...

Films Featuring Native Americans Lack Authenticity

Damien Sevieri, Guest Contributor March 10, 2022

Senior Damien Sevieri researched the history of Native Americans in Hollywood after reading The Night Watchman by Louise Erdrich and Tell Me Who You Are: Sharing Our Stories of Race, Culture,...

The History and Influence of the Vocaloid Community

Will Curry , Guest Writer March 1, 2022

Senior Will Curry researched and created this video on the Vocaloid culture as the final project for a unit on culture and identity in UConn English.  He also recently published an Op-Ed: Finding a Balance...

Opinion: Americas Passive Policy on Ukraine Invasion

Opinion: America’s Passive Policy on Ukraine Invasion

Can Yucel, Editor/Writer February 28, 2022

With the first lights of the day in Ukraine, the Russian invasion has officially begun with Vladimir Putin’s order. Ukrainian officials declared a full-scale invasion by Russia and is underway as explosions...

We Should Keep Our Masks On

We Should Keep Our Masks On

Can Yucel, Editor/Writer February 28, 2022

The moment I saw the news about ending mask mandates in Connecticut, I directly went to the World Health Organization’s website to check what they advise. The website says: So as you can read...

Balat, Istanbul

Earthquake Thread in Istanbul

Can Yucel, Editor/Writer February 16, 2022

As one of the oldest cities in the world, Istanbul has been the centerpiece to many civilizations. If I start to recite its story, I would need days, even weeks….so I will summarize briefly. Istanbul...

Latinos Experience Discrimination

Pamela Reinoso, Guest Contributor February 11, 2022

Senior Pamela Reinoso created this video after researching why Americans discriminate against Latinos: I was interested in this topic because I’m Latina. In my project, I researched the main factor...

Biphobia -Kailina Olcott

The Effect of Biphobia

Kailina Olcott, Guest Contributor February 3, 2022

Homophobia is a very well-known issue that we have been battling for years, but the topic that we have overlooked is biphobia. Biphobia and homophobia have caused marches and protests in order to gain...

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