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Student reads article on Israel-Palestine

Ceasefire and Breaking News

Vivian Nguyen, Public Relations Editor March 1, 2024

The death toll in Palestine from October 7, 2023, to February 29, 2024, now exceeds more than 30,000 people. On this day, an estimated 112 people died from a death stampede in Rafah City, located in Palestine’s...

Morgan’s Fashion In And Outs of 2024

Brianna Sposa, Jacquelyn Ciarleglio, and Karla Duque February 28, 2024

In and Outs for 2024; What fashion trends are going to stay, and what is going to go?

Morgan’s Unpopular Opinions

Olivia Ruotolo and Payton Corgan February 27, 2024

Students shared their unpopular opinions with PawPrint reporters sophomore Payton Corgan and junior Olivia Ruotolo, They span from disliking certain music artists, to Morgan sports, to the cafeteria food.  A...

Best Video Games of 2023

Nathan Ramirez-Canas, Equipment Manager January 12, 2024

Many people play video games.There are multiple genres and types of games that people love. That's why video games have stayed popular and have grown in popularity over the years. In 2023, there have certainly...

Map of Asia

Asia: Genocide, Civil War

Aasiya Bajwa, Reporter, Photographer January 12, 2024

Asia is no stranger to war. For decades, the Middle East has been nothing short of an active war zone. South and Southeast Asia have been victims of some of the most brutal periods of colonialism leading...

Taylors music

Carbon Emissions: Can Tay-Tay Shake it Off?

Eric Chen and Vivian Nguyen January 10, 2024

Taylor Swift is a music artist specializing in pop and country. She garnered immense fame and awards from her recent albums. Just last month, Taylor’s carbon presence caused an increasing backlash from...

Students Share Second Semester Excitement

Lexi Kinniburgh January 9, 2024

Since midterms begin the week of January 16th, students are looking ahead to second semester. Many students look forward to switching to new electives. Semester 2 will also bring junior and senior prom,...

Africa: Genocide, Civil War

Africa: Genocide, Civil War

Aasiya Bajwa, Reporter, Photographer January 8, 2024

Genocide: Definition ( The deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, racial, political, or cultural group. Genocides in Congo, Sudan, Rwanda, Myanmar, Yemen, Armenia, and...

2024: Chinese New Year banner

Chinese New Years: Celebrate the Spring Festival

Eric Chen, Equipment manager January 8, 2024

After the second new moon, many Asian people gather with their family and friends, celebrating the coming of a new year. The 15-day celebration includes many activities that will bring luck, fortune,...

A caricature of Henry Kissinger

A Myriad of Praises, Genocides

Vivian Nguyen, Editor December 22, 2023

The point of this article is not only to bring forth the painful history of genocides helped by the United States, but also to criticize the coverage of Henry Kissinger's death and to make known his policies...

Morgan Shares What They Are Looking Forward To This Winter

Amber Maikowski and Ainsley Lyon November 27, 2023

Morgan staff and students share what they are excited for this winter. Find out what staff and students of The Morgan School are looking forward to doing for the upcoming months by watching this video!

Two Morgan students holding hands while completing work.

Opinion: PDA in School

Julia White, Editor November 27, 2023

PDA, formally known as “Public Display of Affection” is a controversial topic. No matter if it is a nonchalant touch of the hands or an intimate kiss, this public display leaves a distasteful atmosphere...

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