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Qualities of a Great Book

November 22, 2021

There are thousands of books rising up to fame all over the world. All have certain genres that call for different types of language and structure. Each book genre has a different audience it has to please...

Picture from Sekiro

Qualities of Great Video Games

Leora Gibbs, Editor November 10, 2021

In this era, there are thousands of games that are being played around the world. Of course, not all of these games can be called great a great games. According to Pluralsight there are 4 key elements...

Character for 1st book

Teenage Author

Leora Gibbs, Editor November 2, 2021

Most authors are self-employed and don’t get any money until they publish their book and people start buying them. Publishers pay money called a royalty fee to authors in order to get the right to...

Worlds Refugee Problem

World’s Refugee “Problem”

Jean Yucel, Student October 21, 2021

Featured Photo By @suha_demirbas Understanding Refugees Before starting this article, I want to explain what a refugee is. Refugees are people who have been forced to leave their country in order to...

Facebook Whistleblower Takes The Internet By Storm

Facebook Whistleblower Takes The Internet By Storm

Crisangel Afanador, Writer October 20, 2021

The social media platform, Facebook, is well known around the world. According to Sprout Social, 2.89 billion people log onto Facebook every month worldwide. Among countries with Facebook users, India...

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Intro to Com Is Digital Art

Leora Gibbs, Editor October 19, 2021

In Intro to Communications, Intro to  Com for short, students learn composition techniques, design principles, and features of the DSLR cameras, as well as video editing principles using multiple...

How Important are Art Classes?

How Important are Art Classes?

Leora Gibbs, Editor October 4, 2021

People might think there is no point to having an art class in school when you’re supposed to be learning academic skills. Well, most skills you learn in school might not be used for a dream job...

Opinion: Dress Code at Morgan is Unfair- Heres Why

Opinion: Dress Code at Morgan is Unfair- Here’s Why

Caroline King, Guest Writer April 29, 2021

As a female student in The Morgan School, I find the school’s dress code unfair to female students for many reasons. There are rules in the Morgan dress code that only directly affect females. The...

Senior, Norimar Lopez, poses with her coffee.

Opinion: Morgan Does NOT Run on Dunkin

Madison Corgan, Reporter March 22, 2021

Over the past few weeks our administration has implemented a new rule that does not allow students to bring in outside drinks from Starbucks and Dunkin'. This is a shock to our student body as we have...

Trump Supporters climb and gather on the Capitol building
Image via Los Angeles Times

Opinion: President Trump’s Siege on Democracy

Clara Franzoni and Abby Eydman January 7, 2021

If anyone needed a clear example of how white supremacy and fear-mongering are still evident in America, consider the pro-Trump alt-right protestors who stormed the US Capitol yesterday in an attempt to...

Georgia Runoff Senate Election Candidates, Image Via

Opinion: Why You Should Care About Georgia’s US Senate Runoff Elections

Clara Franzoni, Reporter December 18, 2020

In the past month or so, you might have heard the news emphasizing the swing state of Georgia and its importance to the future of our country’s policies. Though Georgia is relatively irrelevant to people...

Transgender Athletes

Opinion: Should Transgender Athletes Be Allowed to Run With Their Preferred Gender?

Emma Lindsay, Guest Columnist December 18, 2020

Title IX is used to prevent discrimination based on sex in educational programs, specifically school sports. But what happens when someone's assigned sex at birth does not match their preferred gender...

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