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Opinion : What Should Be Taught At Morgan?

Driving, Cursive, Trades, Social Media
Riley Schmidt

Morgan offers a lot of classes that fit in with students’ interests, but how about some classes that will help students in the future? Morgan already offers classes and lessons such as the new public speaking class, Leadership and Entrepreneurship. Personal Finance is required beginning with the class of 2027 which was a much needed change, but I know that Morgan still has the opportunity to teach students other valuable, practical information and skills that will help them with their futures. In this article, I will share a list of classes and lessons I think would be a great addition to Morgan’s curriculum.

One class in particular that would benefit many students would be a driver education class, where students have a chance to get their permits through a program. I’m a senior, and I’m just getting my permit now. I can speak for myself, and say that I procrastinate a lot, and getting my permit and license is one of those major goals I’ve just pushed to the side. If Morgan had a class where juniors, seniors, and maybe even sophomores had the chance to get their permits through the school, the majority of students would actually get their permits, and experience freedom. Not only this, but they would be in a more comfortable and familiar setting. This class should also reward half a credit, which not only gets students towards their credit goals but also their driving goals and their futures.

Something else as a senior at Morgan that I still feel confused about, is filing taxes. Introducing students to professional documents, and providing practice in completing them is crucial. This may be hard to make into its own class, however, maybe this can be a part of another class’ curriculum. Everyone has to file taxes. When I was filling in for myself, I struggled to understand some of the terms and some of the required questions. I’m sure most students have assistance from their parents or an online source, but I think it would be nice to understand the concepts of the details on the forms. Learning about how W-2s work can also help in the filling process, as well as a lot of the sections and information on it. Accounting covers some of this, but I believe that there’s so much more to teach.

As silly as it sounds, being able to write is one of the most important skills anybody can have, and knowing how to write in cursive is also very important. When I was 16, one of the first things I did was find a job. I wanted to make money, and everybody else was out looking for work. When I received my first check, I immediately ran into a problem. I didn’t have a signature. I had to be taught by my grandmother how to write in cursive, so I could make a decent-looking signature. It isn’t required legally to use cursive, but it’s more professional. According to the NEA (National Education Association), cursive can help improve motor skills, brain development, and memory. Also, being able to read and understand cursive is especially important, since many older people use it. Nowadays, lots of forms are online, which is why people believe cursive is less useful. I personally believe that technology is overtaking the need for cursive, but that doesn’t mean it’s a useless tool to have.

I’m a senior at Morgan who likes trades, and I can say that I was extremely disappointed that there was not a welding class. Morgan offers a jewelry-making class where students can work with mini welders, but they aren’t welding tools. The old Morgan School had a mechanics/welding class, but that was removed from the curriculum. I know of a lot of students who are interested in trades, and I believe a class of this sort would introduce students to the trades and allow them to decide if they want to pursue this kind of work in the future. I personally would have loved this, since I am interested in this type of work. I’ve never really had a chance to do it anywhere else.

It’s very important to know how to properly use social media, especially for kids now who have phones and use social media. Research done by Gitnux shows that 95% of U.S. teens have access to a smartphone, which means they have access to social media. High school students should know how social media impacts them, especially with how easily social media influences students.  Students get their news from social media, but that doesn’t mean what they see posted on TikTok or Instagram is true or unbiased. Learning how to use social media properly is important. Students in high school need to learn to make good decisions about using and consuming social media. One new class that is being offered next year is Speak, Engage, Influence. This class will include public speaking and public relations, including how to effectively use social media. In Journalism, students also learn about social media and its influence and dangers, but not all students take Journalism. Students also learn about social media and its influence and dangers.

Students should always fact-check. The following link leads to Google fact-checking tools and lessons that are used by journalists everywhere; Google Fact Check Tools.  Some other tools; Fact Check, News Literacy Tips, Tools, & Quizzes.

I hope that Morgan’s curriculum changes in the future to create fresh new experiences and opportunities for students to learn and engage with their peers.

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Michael Hicks
Michael Hicks, Reporter
Hello. My name is Michael, and I'm a senior of class 2024. This is my first year in journalism, and I'm excited to create some articles for The Morgan PawPrint.

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