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Siblings of Seniors Share Messages

Mixed Emotions, Caring Thoughts

Many seniors leave their families, including siblings, behind when moving on to college, entering the military or workforce. The Class of 2024 is currently preparing to move after Morgan, post high school. The graduating seniors are also navigating how to be without their family.

Many of the siblings of seniors rely on their older sibling to guide them through high school.  Siblings may feel a mix of emotions as they watch their sibling prepare to leave high school. Read the messages from seventeen younger siblings to their older graduating siblings.

Shannon & Arthur (Slie)

Sophomore Arthur Slie is the younger brother of Shannon Slie.  Arthur said, “Shannon, it’s been great having you at Morgan with me. I will miss seeing you in the halls and saying hello. I hope you have a great year at Quinnipiac University.  I know you will do really well.  Love You!”

Ross and Whittney Treubig (Payton Corgan)

Sophomore Whittney Treubig, who is the younger sister to Ross Treubig, shares her thoughts on her older brother graduating. She shares that “when he is away at school, it’s going to be weird not having him at home, blasting music, and me and him talking during the day.” Whitney and Ross spent a lot of time together when they were younger when going on family vacations and outings. Whittney’s message to Ross is: “Thank you for driving me around the past couple of years and dealing with me. I’m going to miss you!”

Trevor and Luke Powell (Payton Corgan)

Luke Powell‘s younger brother Trevor Powell, a freshman, shares that he and his brother are very close. The two of them started to get along and spend more time together as they got older. Luke is a very involved student here at Morgan. Luke was in the Morgan Musical and played for the baseball team. Trevor shared, “I am grateful for all the memories we made together.” Trevor’s message to Luke is: “Luke and I are very close, and he’s always been there for me when times were tough. I wish him the best of luck on what he does after high school.”

Abby and Sara Stack (Payton Corgan)

Abby Stack, a sophomore, and her sister Sara Stack have been close since they were younger. They only have a year and a half age gap and have done everything together since they were very little. Abby said, “We rarely fight, and when we do, it is over the little things.” Abby’s message to Sara is: “I love you so much, and I can’t wait to see how far you go in college, I know how much you are capable of, and I can’t wait to watch you show everyone else”

Nick and Michael Hicks (Payton Corgan)

Michael Hicks younger brother is sophomore Nick Hicks. They shared many memories together while growing up. As brothers, they are as close as they can possibly be. Nick said he and Michael “get into arguments sometimes, but that’s just what brothers do, especially with the age gap.” Nick’s message to Michael is “I really do appreciate you and really hope you do well later in life. Although you’re not going to college, I still hope you accomplish everything you’ve wanted, like we have as brothers.”

Joey and Sara Morrissey (Payton Corgan)

Joey Morrissey, a freshman, has an older sister in the Class of 2024, Sara Morrissey. He states that Sara is a great sister to him and an even better person. He also shares that sometimes they argue, but they learn to put it aside. Joey’s message to Sara is: “You have been my sister my entire life, and I could not ask for a better one. You are always there for me and always making sure I’m ok.”

Dillon and Brenna Moore (Payton Corgan)

Sophomore Brenna Moore is the younger sister of Dillon Moore, a member of the class of 2024. Dillon is involved in many extracurricular activities here at Morgan such as the Morgan Musical, National Honor Society and the student government. Brenna’s message to Dillon is “Dilly Buster, I hope you have fun, and thank you for driving me places. Good Luck!”

Will and Leah Scoppa (Payton Corgan)

Sophomore Will Scoppa describes his relationship with his sister Leah by saying they have a close relationship, and he enjoys driving to school and to practice with her. Leah is involved in many things here at Morgan such as the Morgan Musical, Interact and National Honor Society. Will’s message to Leah is “Congrats on your graduation, Leah. You worked very hard over the years, which has set you up for a great future. Good luck at Tufts.”

Jude and Ryder Watson (Payton Corgan)

Jude Watson is a freshman and younger brother to Ryder Watson. He describes their relationship as “very close” ever since Jude was born. They fight often, but over funny things. Jude describes Ryder as the loud and active one of the family. He said, “so once he’s gone, the house will be very quiet.” Jude’s message to Ryder is “I’m so proud of you, and it will be so lonely without you at home. Have fun in college!!”

Payton and Ainsley Corgan (Payton Corgan)

Ainsley Corgan’s younger sister, Payton Corgan, a sophomore, describes her relationship with her older sister by saying,“When we were younger, we would bicker over meaningless things like who got which Barbie house and car. Over the past few years, Ainsley and I have grown closer, creating a bond I wish I had my whole life.” When Payton’s eldest sister Madison left for college, she realized the importance of having another sibling around. Payton’s message to Ainsley is: “Ainsley, thank you for being the best sister I could ever ask for. I am so proud of everything you have accomplished and have loved watching you grow over the years. I know you will be great in the future and continue to make a difference as a teacher, just like mom. I love you and will miss you so much.”

Riley and Tyler Febbroriello (Payton Corgan)

Riley Febbroriello, sophomore, has an older sibling, Tyler Febboroiello who she has grown up playing soccer with since she was little. Tyler participates in many activities, including clubs like Interact, and soccer. Riley’s message to Tyler is “I’m going to miss you so much, I hope you have a good time, and I wish you the best of luck”

Lili Novicki and Sophia Caprio (Payton Corgan)

Junior Liliana Novicki has an older sister in the Class of 2024, Sophia Caprio. Sophia and Lili grew up dancing together and soon became sisters. Lili said, “Our relationship wasn’t always perfect, but we were there for each other.” In high school, they grew closer as Sophia would drive her around. Lili also said, “She will always be my chauffeur with her questionable driving skills and person to go to for anything. We may not be sisters by blood, but she is my sister for life now, and I am forever grateful for it.” Lili’s message to Sophia is “You are my best friend, my sister, and my person. I am so unbelievably proud of who you have become today, and forever grateful of all the memories we made together at Morgan. Thank you for everything and I’ll miss you lots:)”

Ainsley and Abby Lyon (Payton Corgan)

Abigail Lyons has a younger sister, Ainsley Lyon, who is a sophomore. Abigail is a part of many extracurriculars like tennis, National Honor society. She also works in her free time. Ainsley’s message to Abigail is “I wish you the best of luck at Roger Williams, and I hope you are able to enjoy your experience”

Isabelle, Kayleigh, and Maggie West (Payton Corgan)

Sophomore Isabelle West has two twin sisters in the senior class, Kayleigh and Maggie West. Isabelle is grateful for her sisters and the relationship they shared over the years. “I’m so grateful for all the memories that I have with my sisters. I’m excited to see all their success in the future and can’t wait to visit them even though it means they are both leaving me.”

Anthony and Alessa Strunjo (Payton Corgan)

Anthony Strunjo, sophomore, shared how he feels about his sister, Alessa Strunjo. He shares that they have always had a close relationship when growing up together. They play the same sports and the same instrument, as well as being on the Morgan Musical crew together. Anthony said, “having this much in common has only made us closer over the past year. Anthony’s message to Alessa is “Go into every challenge with confidence. You can accomplish anything you set your mind to.”

Dylan and Noah Cinquino (Payton Corgan)

Noah Cinquino, a class of 2024 graduate, has a younger brother, sophomore Dylan Cinquino. They grew up playing basketball together and played together at Morgan. Dylan’s message to Noah is “I am so thankful we got to spend all these years together and got to bond over basketball together! I will miss you but am excited to see all the things you will accomplish in college. I am proud of you and love you!”


Colton and Ainsleigh Landino (Payton Corgan)

Freshman Colton Landino has an older sister, Ainsleigh Landino in the senior graduating class. Colton said he and Ainsleigh “are close, but have some disagreements. In the end, we get along.” He talked about the difference in their interests due to their three-year age gap. Colton’s message to Ainsleigh is “Do good in college, and try your best to succeed”





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