Seniors with Freshmen Siblings


Written by Willow Pender |

Between the class of 2016 and the class of 2019, there are 26 sets of siblings. The last time that we were all in school together was when this year’s seniors were in third grade and this year’s freshmen were in kindergarten. That was over 9 years ago! Siblings act very differently together at school than they are at home. If you are a senior at Morgan, there is even a possibility that you will have class with your freshman sibling. There are many electives that are offered for all grade levels and or you could have a study hall with them. Going to school with your sibling just brings you closer than you already are whether it is by doing a sport together or going to a school event or sports game or even just sitting down and eating lunch together.  You create more of a relationship and get to share these great memories.

I, personally have twin brothers who are freshmen, and I enjoy being in the same school as them. I see them in the hallways a lot, and I even have a class with each of them. I am excited for them to experience promIMG_1613s and the whole college process. I just want to see what their next 3 years at Morgan has in store for them. We asked some seniors what they thought about being in the same school as their siblings and what they were excited for them to experience.



Arielle Passante said, “It is nice being in the same school as them because if I need them for something, they arIMG_3734e here. I am excited for them to be seniors so they can understand the mindset I am in now.”




IMG_3895Brendan Kyhn said, “I do not see my brother that much so it is just an everyday thing. I am excited for him to experience the new high school and the better resources that will be offered to him.”



Julia Hornyak said, “I do not mind being in school with my brothers because I do IMG_3866not see them much anyways. Lots of things are going to be changing so they may not have the same experiences that I had, but I am jealous of them!”




Kayla Burt said, “I thought it would be weird, awkward and annoying being in the same school as him, but now I do not mind it, and we are going our separate ways. I hope that Kyle gets to come out of his shell when meeting new people and becomes more involved in groups, clubs, sports and creates new bonds with friends.”



RebeccIMG_3951a Turner said, “I have mixed feelings about it. I do not see my sister that often… I want her to get some of the same teachers I have had and also to have a good experience with big school events.” 



Sophie Roman said, “I love being in school with my sister because I play sports with her and see her a lot. Also I have the chance to be a good role model for her. I am excited for her to experience clubs, different teachers, prom and meeting younger kids as they transfer into high school. I love Morgan, and I hope she does too!”

Lastly we asked Dan Hua, and he said, “I do not see my brother that much, and I thought going to school with him would be a lot worse than it is. I am excited for him to experience senior privileges and having a good life in high school and just becoming more free.”  

Overall, the majority of seniors that have freshmen siblings enjoy going to school together. They see them around the halls, do sports together and have the opportunity to be a good role model for their younger siblings. They are excited for them to experience  proms, sporting events, school wide activities, senior privileges and over just the experience of becoming a senior and being in the mindset that we as seniors are in now with preparing for college and moving forward in life. Going to school with your sibling creates a new kind of bond and is overall just a great experience.