November 15th is “Click & Submit” Day for Seniors

Application Fees are Free for Connecticut Public Universities on November 15th

Muntara Singh, Chief Editor, Writer

A University of Connecticut booklet

As the time approaches for seniors to submit their college applications, the School Counseling Office is hosting a “Click and Submit” Day to support students taking steps toward their post-graduate plans. On Tuesday, November 15, application fees will be waived by the following Connecticut public universities: the University of Connecticut, Central Connecticut State University, Southern Connecticut State University, Eastern Connecticut State University, and Western Connecticut State University. On this day, students can submit their applications free of charge as opposed to the normal application fee of 50 to 80 dollars, saving up to $280.

According to The College Board, the average application fee is 45 dollars, although UConn’s fee is 80 dollars. If the average student applies for 7 to 10 colleges, the cost of applying can range from $315 to $450. It is important to note that in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, acceptance rates have dropped precipitously as students take advantage of test-optional policies, which are continuing at many institutions into the 2022-23 application cycle. As a result, students are applying to more colleges than normal. The financial aspect of applying can be daunting for families considering schools, and it can even affect students’ decisions on whether or not to apply. 

Mrs. Couch in her office

The event, held during the Tuesday block F period, will include music, raffles with gift cards, and food. School counselors will guide seniors who have not begun their application in order to finish and submit when they get home. A major goal of the event is to take the first step by submitting the Common App that night. Then, counselors will explain the subsequent steps, such as sending in supplementary materials like high school transcripts and teacher recommendation letters. School Counselor Colleen Couch emphasized that these materials do not need to be sent on that day, and that colleges have been understanding regarding students just beginning the process. 

Mrs. Couch said that while students are encouraged to use the time to take advantage of fee waivers, it is also an opportunity for students to feel celebrated and supported. Attending seniors do not have to be in the early stages of their applications. They are welcome to join and work on applications with counselors available to answer questions. “Submitting college applications is a huge, monumental, and exciting event in your life,” expressed Mrs. Couch. “Overall we want to celebrate that for you guys.”