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Heritage Foundation’s Project 2025

Conservative Promise to the U.S
Vivian Nguyen
Project 2025 and the Heritage Foundation’s logo

The politics and presidency of the United States is in the news, especially since the presidential election of 2024 is close. The conservative Heritage Foundation created Project 2025. The Heritage Foundation created this handbook that is approximately 900 pages long. It is formally known as the 2025 Presidential Transition Project. Several conservative organizations created the project to enact policies in January 2025. The Heritage Foundation is mostly known for its partnership with former President Ronald Reagan. The Reagan Administration endorsed nearly ⅔ of its 2,000 recommendations. Today, the Heritage Foundation is supported and made up of various former Trump Administration officials.The plan will go into motion once a Republican candidate is President of the United States.

There are four promises on page 3 that the entire conservative movement created together. Their first promise in the document states that they want to prioritize the center of the country, which they say are the families and children. As the document affirms, “This starts with deleting the terms sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI), diversity, equity from federal regulations and legislations” (Page 5). They emphasize the term gender six times in this sentence to say that it deprives Americans of their First Amendment rights. The Project documents argue that parents and physicians are abusing children if they condone the reassignment of a minor’s sex. To prioritize the safety of children, they claim “critical race theory,” and “gender ideology” should be removed from public school curriculums in the U.S.

If the newly elected president is conservative, the organization plans to cooperate with Congress to put their policies in action. The foundation deeply values family, and applauds the overturning of Roe V. Wade: “…deploying existing federal powers to protect innocent life and vigorously complying with statutory bans on the federal funding of abortion,” page 6 entails. The innocent lives they refer to are unborn babies. To protect them, they say banning abortion is a necessity. The foundation believes choosing to become a mother is heroic: “…and the heroism of every choice to become a mother” (Page 6).

However, they plan on banning abortion. Therefore, women will not have the choice to become a mother. This means states like Connecticut will no longer have access to abortion, even though they have laws that support abortion. These policies will drastically transform our current country, education, and rights.

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About the Contributor
Vivian Nguyen
Vivian Nguyen, Public Relations Editor
Hello, my name is Vivian Nguyen, and I am a sophomore for the class of 2026. This is my first year taking Journalism, and I am looking forward to collaborating with friends and classmates to construct satisfactory articles. My major interests right now are the sciences, reading, and making jewelry. I am with much anticipation hoping to engage and be involved in Morgan this year.

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    Tom ODonnellMay 2, 2024 at 10:03 am

    Less freedom the first amend will be destroyed because true free speech will disappear! End of the constitution as we know it. A free trial in any state in the union or under the federal government or no longer exist.