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From Seniors to Staff ’24

Seniors Share Messages of Gratitude

Throughout their years at Morgan, the class of 2024 has grown close to many of their teachers. In the final weeks of their time here, they have started to realize just how much they will miss them. They were asked to submit a final goodbye, and thank you to their favorite and most impactful teachers. They shared messages filled with appreciation, gratitude, and many of their favorite memories. 

Mr.Bergman: Film Study, English 3 L1, Creative Writing

Thank you for making your class fun and creative. I had a lot of fun in your class.– Mason Krott

We will “Dare Greatly.”-Nico Cimino

Thank you for being the most real teacher here at the school, You always have banger advice that helped me change my life for the better.       -Mitchell Maselli

Mrs.Chausse: Journalism, AP English, ECE Uconn English 4

I’d like to thank Mrs.Chausse for being more than a teacher to me. You’ve been a mentor, friend, someone to look up to, and not to mention a fantastic teacher. You truly bring out the best in your students. -Chloe Jackson

Mr.Carroll: English 4 L1, Humanities H

Thank you for being one of the nicest teachers while also demanding the best out of students! You have made a huge impact on me and all of the senior class! -Maeve Madura

Davis Walker and Mrs. Criscoulo (Chloe Jackson)

Mrs.Criscuolo: ECE Uconn Probability and Statistics, Algebra 2 H

Thank you for continuing to help me and believing in me and our class. -Emma Champagne

Thank you for teaching me all about math over the years! I appreciate all that you do for the students at Morgan! -Davis Walker

Thank you for being lenient on homework 🙂 -Will Saunders

Mrs. Frydenborg: Creative Writing, English 2 L1, English 1 H

Thank you for helping me with the basics of English and reading and writing. You helped me become a knowledgeable student. –Dylon Marshall

Mr. Gersz: Physical Education 1, Physical Education 2, Competitive PE, Personal Fitness, Health

Thank you for always being positive. Seeing you each morning brightens my early mornings! –Gavin Gersz

Mr. Lampe: Chorus, Musical Director 

These past 2 years in Chorus and the musical have been the best experiences of my life. You inspired me to keep singing and bring back theater in my life. Never a dull moment around you. Happy Retirement! –Jack Nye

Thank you for making this year so memorable. The musical was one of the most fun things I’ve ever done. You’re a better director than Belling could ever be! –Dillon Moore

Mrs. Lisy: ECE UConn Environmental Science, ECE UConn Marine Science, ECE Allied Health

Thank you for getting me a jump start on my science college career. You have taught me so much and have always found a way to make class fun. Sorry for all those times we talked over you. We didn’t mean it.  –Ashley Reemsnyder

Thank you for being a great teacher and for always making your class fun! –Ava Johnson

Thank you for being one of the best teachers I’ve had. Thank you for my letter of rec. I couldn’t be where I am today without you and my coloring sheets in the back of the class. –Sara Stack

Mrs. Lupone and Kawan Baptista

Mrs. Lupone: Health 1, Health 2

I’d like to thank Mrs.Lupone for being a great and fun teacher. We had that one mishap in Junior year, but we got over it. You make learning about health interesting, thanks for being an awesome teacher” (What’s in the cup?) –Kawan Baptista 

Mrs.Luther: Ap Spanish, Spanish 4 H, Spanish Club

Thank you for always believing in me and seeing my potential. I appreciate that you pushed me to work hard and be the best I could be.          –Leah Scoppa

Mr. Madura: Data Science

I never had you as a teacher, but thank you for always brightening my day every day in school. –Maggie West

Ms. Mazzarella: AP English, English 1 L1, English 3 L1

I’d like to thank Mrs Mazzarella for being the greatest advisory, and English teacher of all time. Thank you for all of the great memories, and all of the help and support you’ve given me. I wish you luck with your new advisory (they won’t be better than us though). –Michael Hicks

Thank you for being the best advisory teacher ever. –Lucas Hoaldly

Mrs.O’Beirn: Guidance Counseling Secretary

Thank you for all your help and support over these four years. You’re my favorite person ever. I’ll come back from college to visit. –Samantha Way

Mrs.Patterson: Chemistry L1, Forensics

I love you. You are the best and have helped me so much! –Sophia Caprio

Thank you to Mrs.Patterson for learning something I look forward to. You’re the kind of teacher that creates a passion within your students and for that I will always be grateful.  –Ava Schmidt

Mr.Richitelli: Personal Finance, Accounting, Accounting 2, Business Applications, Entrepreneurship

Since sophomore year…we have some great memories with Witch.  –Emely Andino 

David Mantilia and Mr. Richitelli

Thanks for keeping me in line throughout high school. I’m still waiting on that accounting award. –David Mantilia

Mrs.Robinson: Librarian, Yearbook, Husky Leadership

Mrs. Rob, thank you for being my go-to teacher anytime I need something, and being my in-school mom. You always gave me continuous support and love, and I can’t thank you enough for all you have done for me and for constantly believing in me. Love you Mamashan 🙂             –Ainsley Corgan

Mrs.Sayed: Guidance Counselor

Thank you for helping me navigate through high school and helping me stay on track and get ready for college. –Glenda Zhiminaicela

Mr.Smith/Chief: Band, lighting and sound for Morgan Musicals

Thank you, Chief, for everything you have done for me and my class. We all love you. –Mitchell Maselli

Mrs.Walston: ECE Uconn Physics, Environmental Science L1

Aslin Wolfe and Mrs. Walston

Thank you so much for being lenient on your morning tardies. You’re very sweet and understanding and a great advisory teacher for all these years! You’re appreciated! –Julia White

Thank you for being there for me and four years of many, many questions. You have inspired me to go into the science field. And have made me feel welcome every class. Thank you so much. –Aslin Wolfe

I’d like to thank Mrs Walston for being such a great teacher. She taught me so much while also creating an enjoyable environment to learn in. –Victoria O’Neill

Mr.Zawadski: AP Government and Politics, Sports and American Culture, US History L1

Mason Mester and Mr. Zawadski (Chloe Jackson)

No matter what, under any circumstances, don’t take down that poster. –Mason Mester

I enjoyed AP government so much. You made the class so intriguing to my little teenage mind. I really felt like I left your class a better person. You’re the goat. Call me if you want to get beat in tennis. –Ryder Watson

Thanks for all the support. Freshman and junior year were fun. Glad to have you as a teacher. –Jaxen Funaro

I am beyond grateful for having the opportunity to have been your student. The impact you have had on me, and my fellow students, is immeasurable. Whether it be our conversations in AP Gov about SCOTUS cases or Robby’s questionable abortion comparisons, to spending time after Sports talking about the advantage athletes have in the college admissions process. And maybe most meaningful, all of the “good mornings” and little conversations in the hallway. All of the memories, conversations, and little moments, are some of my most cherished from my time in high school. –Sean Davis

Thanks for allowing me to have fun during prom. Also thank you for changing my perspective. Thank you?  –Matthew Pilletere

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