New School Counselor: Colleen Couch

First Year With The Morgan Family


Colleen Couch is Morgan’s newest school counselor at The Morgan School.  Even though she has not been working here as long as the other counselors, she is already part of the Morgan family. She has two sons Wesley who is 4 and Rowan who is 18 months old. She has a dog Pete, who she rescued about 8 years ago.

Colleen Couch and her two sons

Mrs. Couch shared that she previously worked at Manchester High School for 8 years. She said, “I am really loving this new experience and challenge. I’m learning so much. Manchester shaped me into what I can be for Morgan.” Mrs. Couch always wanted to work in a school. She took one teaching class and decided that it wasn’t for her, so she did a job shadow as a school counselor and after that, she knew that’s what she wanted to do. She also shared that she loves the school spirit at Morgan. She said it’s so great, and it makes everybody smile.

Colleen Couch at her desk

Mrs. Couch said, “I want the students to know that I’m so excited to work with them, that I’m super high energy, and I’m ready for anything.” She said students should “Ask questions and know that we are all here for them to help them with whatever they need.”

Mrs. Couch said, “The support that Morgan staff and students have for each other is great. Everyone is so welcoming and respectful. I keep saying that it feels like I’ve been here for longer than I have because I fit in so well with everyone.” Mrs. Couch loves her job as a counselor, “I am all in. #yesallin.”