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Creating Once Upon a Mattress

January 22, 2013

Written by Lucas Edwards| Video by Lucas Edwards| This year's musical is Once Upon A Mattress, a classic twist on the story of the princess and the pea. It was written with music by Mary Rodgers, lyrics...

Toys for Tots: Christmas 2012

Toys for Tots: Christmas 2012

December 20, 2012

Written by Lucas Edwards and Kendra Dean| Video Produced by Lucas Edwards and Kendra Dean| This year is the 20th annual Toys for Tots manufacturing run! Mr. Cole's Creative Woodworking class works every...

The College Process: Music Schools

The College Process: Music Schools

December 12, 2012

Written By Lucas Edwards| Featured Photo Credit to Matthew T Rader The senior class has two students who are attending music colleges, Ethan Rode and myself (Lucas Edwards). In addition to  the normal...

Ethan Rode

The 2012 Fall Coffeehouse

November 26, 2012

Written by Lucas Edwards| Pictures by Spencer Gilbert| This past weekend of the 17th, we had our 4th semi-annual Malone's Coffeehouse Open mic, and it went great! We featured a lot of new players, as...

Hurricane Sandy was Dandy

November 6, 2012

Featured Image from Wikipedia Written by Lucas Edwards| Photos by Lucas Edwards| During the past week, our town was almost completely out of power. So we asked our students, "What did you do during...

The Coffee House: November 2012

October 17, 2012

Written by Lucas Edwards| Image from Malone's Coffee House The Coffee House is one of our school's favorite music events, and it returns again this November! It is going to be held on November 17th at...

Morgans Political Scene

Morgan’s Political Scene

October 11, 2012

Written by Lucas Edwards | Image from Many political candidates come to Morgan, and speak to our school during political campaigns, and this season is no exception. Recently,...

Who would you choose?
Image Via CBS News

The 2012 Election

October 10, 2012

Created by Lucas Edwards| Image via CBS News With the upcoming election in November,  many of us have developed an opinion on which candidate we believe is the best choice to govern our country. While...

The New Husky: Morgans Logo

The New Husky: Morgan’s Logo

October 2, 2012

Written by Lucas Edwards and Emma Wentworth| [slideshow] The Morgan School is facing many changes as of late:  new staff members, new policies, an upcoming new school, and most recently, the change in...

Freshmen Faculty: Morgan’s New Additions

September 17, 2012

[slideshow] Written by Lucas Edwards and Emma Wentworth Photos by Lucas Edwards and David Chittenden The Morgan School has had an addition of a few new teachers this year! While the loss of some great...

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