The Coffee House: November 2012

Written by Lucas Edwards|

Image from Malone’s Coffee House

The Coffee House is one of our school’s favorite music events, and it returns again this November! It is going to be held on November 17th at Malone’s Coffee House, and will feature many new and returning Morgan Musicians, artists, and poets. Come down and hear your classmates play some great music. Listen to poetry while enjoying some baked goods and Malone’s great food! Some great performers have been Lenny Paul, Ethan Rode, Lucas Edwards, Eric Peterson, Lyndsey Robinson, Mike Ierardi, Tom Carmody, and many more who we hope to see return this year and perform again!

Calling all musicians, and poets. We are always looking for more people to perform. If you play an instrument, write poetry, or have a favorite passage of a play, contact Lenny Paul or me (Lucas Edwards) and sign up to play! Acoustic music is ideal for the space. If you have a band, make an acoustic set list, and come down and play! If you just want some cookies and a good time, invite some friends, and come down and watch! All students are welcome!