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Morgan Finishes the Lyrics

Morgan Finishes the Lyrics

March 10, 2020

By Rachael Pellegrini and Madeline Davenport| Students and staff at The Morgan School finish the lyrics to Journey's "Don't Stop Believing", Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe", Back Street Boys' "I Want It That Way", and Miley Cyrus' "Party In The U.S.A." ...

The Morgan Band Going With The Flow

The Morgan Band Going With The Flow

November 8, 2019

Written By Kiara Suarez and Tatiana Serrano Photos Taken By Kiara Suarez On October 22, 2019, at 7:30 pm, The Morgan Band performed its first concert of the year. Band Director, Mr. Smith Conducting The Band The Morgan Band performed 8 selections. The audience was not disappointed. Parents and family fille...

Daphne Willis’ Message to Morgan

Daphne Willis' Message to Morgan

November 4, 2019

Written by Mason Carey |Photos by Samantha Clapper and Mya Yetso | Singer/Songwriter Daphne Willis performed at The Morgan School on Wednesday, October 23rd, 2019. Daphne is an artist that has worked with the likes of Hall & Oates, Meghan Trainor, and she has even written songs with them. Daphne grew up in ...

Morgan’s Blue Blood: Fall Sports Kick-Off 2019

Morgan's Blue Blood: Fall Sports Kick-Off 2019

September 18, 2019

Written By Caitlin Rohrbacher |Photos and Videos Taken By Caitlin Rohrbacher Welcome to Morgan's Blue Blood Segment! To kick off the fall sports season on this week's video, students shared their favorite pre-game ritual or their favorite pre-game song.

George Flynn Classical Concerts

George Flynn

April 2, 2019

Written by Max Hurtubise and Simon Hua|Photos by Zip06 The George Flynn Concert Series is a foundation that provides Clinton with free classical music concerts. These include orchestras, choirs, string quartets, and all other types of ensembles. This began when George Flynn, an amateur violinist, wanted to leave a gift for his hometown ...

NHS Inducts 29 New Morgan Students

NHS Inducts 29 New Morgan Students

January 15, 2019

Written by Leo Woods | Photos by Leo Woods| On Monday, January 7th, 29 Morgan students were inducted into the National Honor Society. NHS, since it's founding in 1921, inducts students based on excellence in academics, leadership, character, and community service. NHS is an international program with over...

Beginning Guitar Celebrates Christmas

Beginning Guitar Celebrates Christmas

January 8, 2019

Written by Nick Putnam| On Tuesday, December 18th music teacher Ray Smith's Beginning to Guitar class celebrated the holidays by performing Christmas carols in the upper hub. The class had been practicing the songs for a while leading up to the concert. The concert was led by Teacher of the Year Mr....

Human Services’ Open Mic Night

Human Services' Open Mic Night

January 7, 2019

Written by Leo Woods | Photos & Video by Leo Woods | The last Friday of every month, Clinton's Human Services hosts a Youth Open Mic Night from 6-8pm at the Town Hall Annex Building. The first Open Mic Night was in February of this year, with teens from all along the shoreline performing music and...

Takashi 6ix9ine behind bars

Takashi  6ix9ine behind bars

January 3, 2019

By Kyle Suraci and Liam Whelan|Featured image via   The DailyBeast The upcoming rapper Daniel Hernandez, (popularly referred to as 6ix9ine) has been taken into federal custody for racketeering charges. A pre-trial conference is scheduled for January 22, 2019, at 2 p.m. The trial i...

Morgan Musical Talent: Matt Albert

Morgan Musical Talent: Matt Albert

November 5, 2018

Written by Nico Farace| Pictures by Nico Farace| Music by Matt Albert| Junior Matthew Albert hobby is digital music composition. Music is a rather unique hobby, not many people dabble in it. He shared a lot of insight about what goes into making a song and how composing works.  I’ve heard a lot o...

How Punk and Politics Go Together

How Punk and Politics Go Together

October 5, 2018

Written by Leo Woods | Featured Image via Revolutionary Socialism In the 21st Century Photos by Leo Woods | On Saturday, September 24th, Morgan's own punk band The Televangelists played in Madison in support of the Green Party. The party was hosted by supporters of Michelle Louise Bicking, a candidate for the State Representative of Connecticut. While she was not in attendance herself,...

The Televangelists Rock Morgan

The Televangelists Rock Morgan

September 14, 2018

Written by Leo Woods| Photos by Leo Woods| On Wednesday 9/12 Morgan's own punk band, The Televangelists performed during X-Block in the auditorium. Many students and staff came to listen to the band, who played 9 songs during the period. Their energy was contagious, and students said they had a good...

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