The New Husky: Morgan’s Logo


Written by Lucas Edwards and Emma Wentworth|


The Morgan School is facing many changes as of late:  new staff members, new policies, an upcoming new school, and most recently, the change in the image of our husky. Many of you may want to know why is the husky in need of change? Formerly, our huskie has been fine with its mouth closed, why is it in need of change now? We got the dirt on the change, and why it is happening, check it out.

A few months ago, there was a fundraiser in the Morgan gym, and one of the attendees took a picture of the gym floor, and sent it to UConn. The Husky is  similar to UConn’s famous logo, and after seeing it, the university decided to take action. Mrs. Hagness and a decorated UConn official exchanged some emails, and it was decided that our school must change our logo or UConn would take legal action!

As unfortunate as it is, there is an interesting opportunity with the change; a new logo needs to be developed. We talked to Mr. Enoch for the details on the picture. “The new husky needs to be different to the point that a random stranger would in no way confuse it with the UConn Husky. There are many pieces of art, and merchandise, and even uniforms that currently have a husky on them. All of these need to be changed, including the husky that appears on The Morgan Huskies Football site.   Mrs. Neri was in charge of finding an artist to design the new logo. Katy Averill, a very talented senior artist, is well known in the art department for her works and is currently working on the painting in Ms. Rizzo’s room. Katy was chosen to design the new Husky, and is currently working on some sketches.  Once a sketch is approved, Mr. Enoch’s students will take Katy’s design and create templates for the logo.

Famous Women in History
Painted by: Katy Averill
Located in: Ms. Rizzo