Morgan’s Political Scene


Written by Lucas Edwards |

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Many political candidates come to Morgan, and speak to our school during political campaigns, and this season is no exception. Recently, we were visited by Joe Courtney, and more candidates are going to be coming soon! According to Mr. Graham, Linda McMahon, and Chris Murphy are currently being scheduled to speak at Morgan. We also will be having a couple school wide activities, including the voter registration drive, a Presidential Research Ballot, the 2013 CSPAN Presidential Issues contest, and a November 1st Mock Election!

Many students also have wondered: “Are we allowed to share political opinions in classes? More specifically, can our teachers?”  The answer is Yes, we can! Teachers are allowed to have class discussions, as well as debates about political policies, elections, and opinions, as long as both sides of the conflict are aknowledged, and respected. “It is part of expanding our cultural literacy; similarly to how we learn about different religious views; it is important to experience differing political views.”

So encourage your teachers to start conversations in class about politics! If you’re interested in politics, check out the Morgan Political Club website.

Make sure to vote in our presidential Poll! Who would you vote for?