Freshmen Faculty: Morgan’s New Additions


Written by Lucas Edwards and Emma Wentworth

Photos by Lucas Edwards and David Chittenden

The Morgan School has had an addition of a few new teachers this year! While the loss of some great staff last year was sad, it opened up the opportunity for fresh new faces in our school! We interviewed all of the new teachers, and asked them a few basic questions to get to know them! Let’s see what they had to say!

Mr Fiorentino, one of the new paraeducators in room 8, loves his experience at Morgan so far!Believe it or not, his major was social studies, and his minor was in English.  His dream is to one day be a college professor, but he knows he must pay his dues in high school, so we are more than happy to help him reach his goal. When Mr. Fiorentino is not teaching, he enjoys playing the drums, guitar, and bass. He also really loves to travel, and has been to some great places including Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and Western America. Mr Fiorentino is more than happy to be here, and we are more than happy to have him here!

Mr.Ritchitelli, who is a Morgan alumni of the class of 2004, is our new business applications teacher!   “If you asked me 6 years ago, I never would have said I would end up back here at Morgan.”  Although he never thought he would be back again, he is ecstatic to be here!  When asked how comfortable he felt so far, he had nothing but good things to say about the teachers and the students; everyone has respect for him and is more than willing to help.

Ms. Capabianco is our new school Guidance counselor. She has big shoes to fill, but I have no doubt that she can do it! She is more than happy to support students who need guidance and even wants to partake in our knitting club.  Other than knitting, she enjoys anything outside and being active!  For 13 years she was a competitive cheerleader, and for 6 years, she was a coach.  This is actually her first year not coaching; she gave that up to help all of us. Go say hello!

Ms. Healey, our new physical education teacher, is so far doing a great job!  Last year we went through quite a few fill-ins, and we are very excited to have finally settled with her. She always has a smile on and says hello to everybody! Just like Mr. Richetelli, she graduated from Morgan. “Its odd sometimes calling teachers I used to have and looked up to by their first names.”  Each of you will be lucky enough to have her throughout your high school career!

Ms. White, our new math teacher, loves Morgan so far.  She says, “The math department has taken me under its wing, like I’m their baby.” She is more than grateful to have everyone helping her out.  She went to grad school (University of New Haven) with Mr Richetelli. “It’s cool that we landed jobs at the same place, nice to know someone already.”  Ms. White is not only the new math teacher, she is the new National Honor Society advisor. That’s a big role to take on, but she has a great attitude and is more than willing to take it on!

Shu Jin is our new Chinese teacher! Born and raised in China, she taught English for 20 years there. 5 years ago, she came to the US as a student, and as of this year, she is the permanent Chinese instructor at Morgan. She has a great attitude here, especially because the Chinese Club has had a phenomenal outcome! She loves walking, but her absolute favorite hobby is badmiton! She loves meeting new people so be sure to stop by and introduce yourself!

Mr. Hern is our new Behavior Technician, who studied at Southern!  Before he worked with us at Morgan, he worked at Eliot.  And before that, he worked in Hamden.  Mr. Hern has a large amount of experience ; therfore, I’m sure he will do great here!  He tries to golf but as a father and husband he barely has any time for himself!  He is very friendly so make sure to smile when you see him in the halls!

All of the new staff members love their experience at Morgan thus far! They appreciate everything we have been doing to try and help them out as they pave their ways through the halls. As students, we need to keep them feeling welcome! Please drop by, and say hello!