FCCLA Impacts The School

Service Opportunities for Consumer Science Students


Rachel Spaziano, Reporter, Writer

Morgan welcomes a new club, FCCLA, which focuses on developing leadership skills and helping out the community. FCCLA is the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America national organization for students in school. Surrounding towns and school have adapted this club and Morgan joined them earlier this fall. Consumer science teacher, Sue Murphy is officiating the club and is already starting to make a difference.
Mrs. Murphy explains that the club does a lot within the community, starting from simple service acts. One act that the FCCLA members helped out with was fundraising for Easter baskets to be given out to children on Easter. They also helped out with costumes for the Morgan musical and staying after school to set up, cook and serve at Eliot’s pasta night. The members stayed after school baking brownies and then came in later to help serve all the food and refreshments at the Pasta night. The club even benefits the students as well.
It’s a club for people who preform and take FCS courses at Morgan, such as early childhood education or the culinary classes. Mrs. Murphy said, “A lot of students are interested in working with young children, some are interested in baking and even taking a new class next year about clothing design.” FCCLA is a club which incorporates all these events. It holds baking competitions, leadership building, activities for education on children and more.

Mrs. Murphy working in the kitchen.

FCCLA holds a state conference which is usually in person. Although, this year it is virtual due to the past few years in COVID. This year the state shared information about the club and what it incorporates. Also within this conference, there were team building activities and get to know you games. The members of the club worked together to make lunch, where they made tacos and cookies from scratch. Together the members of FCCLA practice their FCS skills and leadership skills. Mrs. Murphy describes the club as “student run where [she] is just an advisor.” The conference was held during school, and helped to reveal the students’ capabilities as they set up the conference. It gave an opportunity for students to step out of their comfort and become a leader.
FCCLA also helps to give opportunities back to the students as it provides scholarships that students can apply for to receive money for college. Mrs. Murphy said, “Almost all the culinary schools, if you are an FCCLA member, give scholarship money.” FCCLA is a club, but also an opportunity for Morgan students to get involved in the community and the school.