Morgan Students Look Into Trades

Cosmetology, HVAC, First Responders

Senior Breydan Banning

Trades are important. A number of students will be going into trades after high school instead of college. We need cosmetologists, plumbers, electricians, and HVAC professionals. A Trade offers personal fulfillment, high salary potential, and job stability. Trade school generally costs less and takes less time than earning a four-year college degree.

Senior Breydan Banning will be attending Lincoln Tech to become a diesel technician. He plans to go straight to Lincoln Tech when he graduates from Morgan. Breydan said, “I like doing hands-on things, and I have always liked working on motors. I have always worked on cars, and other little projects with my dad when I was younger.”

Senior Darren Abbott

A student here at Morgan named Darren Abbott, shared some information about his plans. Darren said he plans on going to Middlesex Community College to get his business degree, and to the National Real Estate Institute in Cromwell, CT. Abbott wants to go into the real estate field, focusing on flipping houses such as foreclosures and run down properties to make them nice again and sell them on the market for a higher price. In order for him to get into this field, he has to go to a 4-month school for 100 hours, and then take his test for his real estate license. He must then work for a firm for 2 years. Darren also plans to attend Middlesex Community College for two years to earn an associates degree in business and marketing. Darren said, “I am interested because my dad used to do it and watching flip or flop on TV gave me inspiration for the art that you can really do with flipping houses.” Darren said that flipping houses can be profitable. He said, “I also know a lot of trades, so it would be a lot easier trying to put them all together because I love doing them all.” Darren is excited to take a lot of business classes and work for his dad’s masonry business flipping houses, building patios, walkways, and chimneys. “It made me realize the art that you can make with your hands can really inspire you and make you feel good about what you accomplished.”

Senior Angelina Herbst

Two students at the Morgan school are attending TIGI Hairdressing Academy of Guilford including myself. Seniors Sophie Gaudet and Angelina Herbst will be going to the school full time and starting the September after graduation. They will graduate from the academy in 10 months: Sophie Gaudet says she likes doing hair and has always had a passion for it. “I chose TIGI because I like the atmosphere and the people. I also know people who previously went to the school.” Angelina Herbst who said she always grew up in the industry, “I am interested in being creative, building my own profile and public image, and doing beauty. I can travel and do my own business.” Angelina says she chose TIGI because she likes the environment, and it is close to home. She also likes how she can still have a job while attending the school.
Junior Sophia Caprio will also be doing cosmetology. She will be attending Paul Mitchell The School North Haven. Sophia says she chose Paul Mitchell because they have more experience in esthetician and skin care. The school specializes in makeup and skin care. One day she hopes to own a salon/spa and do lashes, waxing, etc. Sophia plans to graduate high school and go straight into Paul Mitchell before taking business courses somewhere. Sophia says, “it’s fun, and you get to learn a lot about hair, skincare, and different products that are good for you.” Sophia’s inspiration was her sister, and Rissa, a family friend. Rissa owns her own waxing salon and makes a lot of money.