Abby Terreri Joins Special Education Department

Ms.Terreri Joins Morgan Staff New Special Ed teacher transfer from Eliot



Michael Sacta, Editor/Writer

Abby Terreri is a new special education teacher at The Morgan School. Ms. Terreri has been working in the district at Eliot Middle School for the past few years. Ms. Terreri heard about the job opportunity to come up to The Morgan School. Since she likes working with the older age groups, she decided Morgan would be a good fit for her. 

At Eliot, Ms. Terreri was a learning strategies teacher. She was also a special education teacher that taught math and English to sixth graders. Ms. Terreri took literacy classes, math classes, and classes on the laws of special education to achieve her title as a special education teacher. Ms. Terreri wants to help students through their struggles, so they can achieve their goals and be the best students they can be.

 Ms. Terreri went back to school as a single parent with two little children. She wanted to find a career that would allow her to be a parent still. Ms. Terreri originally wanted to become a high school math teacher. Instead, she became a CNA in healthcare before starting nursing school. She decided that nursing was not the route for her, so she fell back into teaching. 

Ms. Terreri met with Principal Keri Hagness before accepting the position at Morgan.  Mrs. Hagness was very kind to Ms. Terreri and welcomed her to the building. Ms. Terreri believes that all the teachers here work collaboratively and just put in the time and effort for the students to succeed and have a bright future.