Morgan Welcomes Mrs.Latham and Mr.Walker

New Members of the Special Education Department

Michael Sacta, Reporter/Writer

Mr.Walker roomWith the start of the school year, the new freshmen come in to replace the graduates who left to chase their dreams beyond Morgan. New staff members have also been hired to replace those who retired or left for other jobs. In the special education department, several new staff members are eager to join The Morgan School. Our newest Huskies are ecstatic to work with students here.

Join me in welcoming two of the four new staff members of The Morgan School special education department: Sarah Latham, a school psychologist, and Mr.Walker, a special education teacher.

 Mrs. Latham, loves to go running; she competes in marathons, loves to bake, completes puzzles, and has a new eight-month-old son who she loves to play with. Mr. Walker is a big sports fanatic. His favorite teams are the New York Giants and the New York Yankees. He enjoys basketball, golf, and hiking and likes to stay active while connecting with the outdoors.

These new Huskies have worked all over the place though, and this is not their first stop on their journey. Mrs. Latham was working in a larger district. She saw that there was a new job opening and jumped at the opportunity for a change. She loved the new building and how The Morgan School is all connected by our phrase, “We Are Morgan. We Are Family.” She enjoys how we can turn to each other for help, almost like an actual family would.

Mr. Walker, like Mrs. Latham, worked at another school prior to taking this job. Mr. Walker, who worked at Madison, knows the area and has been living here for 6 years. The Morgan school intrigued Mr. Walker because he liked our community, and the environment is very welcoming  He felt working at The Morgan School would be the best fit for him.

Mrs. Latham was not always a school psychologist; she used to work in an advertising company in New York City afterMrs. Lathman she graduated college. Mrs. Latham didn’t like her job. She wanted to do something meaningful she already liked working with kids so why not pursue a career as a school psychologist. She continued her research and read more on psychology and felt as if this was a path she wanted to take to help kids with their mental health and their emotional difficulties.

Mr.Walker started out as a history teacher. He was very interested in history,  but he is glad that he followed the road he followed and ended up here and started working with all different types of learners. Mr. Walker felt as if he “fell into” special education. He got his master’s in special ed and kept working and learning about it, so he could be the best support at The Morgan School to help and give great advice.

Mrs. Latham, who used to work at a middle school said to Morgan,  “we are much bigger and know who we are.” The Morgan School makes Mrs. Lathman feel like a family because of how we all respect each other. We are all supportive and have cool opportunities for clubs and sports.

Mr. Walker was at a boarding school. We get to leave school at 2:10 and enjoy the weekend to come back Monday morning. After school at the boarding school, they would do fun activities and play a lot of different sports like basketball and soccer. He would hang out with students, get coffee, supervise activities. Now it’s nice to be able to go home after school. He enjoys having separate time from school and what he likes to do at home.

Mrs. Latham has a bachelor’s degree in psychology. She went to graduate school to earn her master’s degree and her six-year degree in school psychology so she could be a certified school psychologist. Mrs. Latham also works in the special ed department where she can help people with their problems and let them open up about any worries or the struggles they are going through. She has her door open if anyone just wants to talk.

Mr. Walker has a master’s degree in special education. His undergrad degree is in history and social studies.  He took psychology and sociology and all different types of classes in history and world history. Mr. Walker’s special education master’s degree helps him understand different diagnoses. Such as dyslexia or different learning disabilities. Taking classes prepared him for the paperwork and taught him to pay attention to detail and how to fill out paperwork for his department.

Mrs. Latham and Mr.Walker are great people, kind and helpful.  Don’t be afraid to stop by and ask some questions. They are here to help students get the help they need. In the wise words, of Mrs. Latham “Never be afraid to ask for help. There is no shame in asking for help.” Mrs. Latham and Mr. Walker are here to help.