Opinion: Morgan Does NOT Run on Dunkin

What Does Morgan Think About Our New Coffee Rule?


Senior, Norimar Lopez, poses with her coffee.

Madison Corgan, Reporter

Over the past few weeks our administration has implemented a new rule that does not allow students to bring in outside drinks from Starbucks and Dunkin’. This is a shock to our student body as we have previously been able to enjoy a morning coffee when coming into school. In The Morgan School Student Handbook it states, “All food must be eaten in the cafeteria or in an approved location. Students should cooperate on keeping the cafeteria clean by disposing of all papers and/or garbage in the trash cans provided.” The handbook also says, “Students are prohibited from ordering food for delivery to The Morgan School during school hours.” Although, it does not say anything about not allowing us to have outside drinks from home or a coffee shop. 

Students who come into school in the morning with outside drinks are not stopped because they can go to the cafeteria or gym to drink it. Students who come in late or for senior privilege are stopped as they have to walk past the office in order to get to class. We understand that coming in with an unexcused tardy due to a coffee run deserves repercussions, but if we are on time, why should there still be consequences?

I went directly to Assistant Principal Chris Luther to ask about this new rule. This new rule has been confusing to some. Why can we bring a water bottle and not a Dunkin’ coffee? What’s the difference if we put coffee in our own cup or if we have it in a Starbucks cup? Why can staff bring in their coffees or make them in the faculty lounge, but we can’t? Is this because of COVID-19 or to prevent spills around the school? Why am I stopped but some of my classmates are not? Let’s find out what our Morgan students and faculty think.