Spring Sports on Hold


Aurora Smith, Writer, Reporter, Photographer

Written by: Aurora Smith|
Photos by: Aurora Smith|

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the CIAC canceled the winter sports tournaments and postponed the beginning of the spring sports season. At a meeting with 70 school administrators and government leaders, CIAC decided it was too early to cancel spring sports entirely. However, for the time being with schools not in session, there is no spring sports season.

To find out how Morgan athletes feel about missing the spring sports season, I made a Google form and sent out questions to all the captains. The questions ranged from were you planning on playing a sport in college to how do you feel about the delay or cancellation of the season.

Senior Sage Follo responded to the question: what were you looking forward to during the spring sports season? Sage answered, ¨There are many “lasts” that I won’t be able to take, such as last game, last hit, last play, etc. I was looking forward to being able to take the field with the other seniors, girls who I’ve grown up with and played with since we were all in Little League. I was also looking forward to Senior Night. Year after year, the other current seniors, and I helped to make Senior Night so special for the older girls, and now that we may not have our chance, it’s sad and disheartening.¨

Softball 2019

Senior Liam Whelan’s response was different than the rest of the students. Liam felt that if the season was canceled he would understand. Liam wrote, ¨it is what it is.¨ Liam also said, ¨I feel for all seniors and anyone who put in work to succeed. You can’t just sit here and complain about spring sports when we have a pandemic on our hands. No one saw this coming and playing sports should be the last thing on our minds.¨

Most of the students were upset about the outcome of the situation. Senior Chayse Lofgren felt that it was the right choice if the season was canceled, but he was also unhappy because he had set goals. He said, ¨I was looking forward to achieving a few goals both for myself and as a team. I wanted to run under 4:40 for a mile, under 2:00 for half a mile, and under 51 for a quarter-mile personally. As a team, I wanted to train with my teammates to qualify for state in all of our Morgan Relay Teams.¨

Track and Field 2018

Chayse also mentioned ¨Sport culture at Morgan is very strong. We are always here for each other to support one another on and off the field. The cancellation of Spring sports won’t tear apart the bonds that have grown between teammates across the teams, especially seniors.¨

Before the springs sports season was put on hold, the following students were chosen as captains:

Girls Lacrosse: Captains~ Emma Farrell, Maddie Stopkoski, and Delaney Mastriano.
Boys Lacrosse: Captains~ Alex Amendola and Kyle Gagliardi
Girls Tennis: Captain~ Sydney Fratamico
Boys Tennis: Captains~ Liam Whelan, Logan Cummings, and Andrew Daly
Softball: Captains~ Maggie Mahoney, Sage Follo, and Heidi Gaude
Baseball: Captains~ Kyle Suraci and Rob Zirlis
Golf: Captains~ Ethan Tessman, Jason Cohen, and Sarah Auletta
Track and Field: Captains~ Chayse Lofgren and Maura Kelly