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How to Make a Likeable Character

How to Make a Likeable Character

Leora Gibbs, Editor January 13, 2022

A good and likeable protagonist is just as needed as a hateable antagonist. In fact, it is even more important. The protagonist is the one the readers will be following around and analyzing the most. According...

A drawing of a broken heart

How To Make A Hateable Character

Leora Gibbs, Editor December 15, 2021

When writing a book the author has to make the protagonist lovable and the antagonist hateable. Of course, it is sometimes better to have other sides to characters that are loveable or hateable as well....

Scene from Douluo Dalu

Making a Great Anime

Leora Gibbs, Editor December 2, 2021

Great anime shows are just as popular as great books, if not a little more. However, just like books and games there are certain elements they need in order to be great. According to I Geek Out, these...

Some books I own

Qualities of a Great Book

November 22, 2021

There are thousands of books rising up to fame all over the world. All have certain genres that call for different types of language and structure. Each book genre has a different audience it has to please...

Picture from Sekiro

Qualities of Great Video Games

Leora Gibbs, Editor November 10, 2021

In this era, there are thousands of games that are being played around the world. Of course, not all of these games can be called great a great games. According to Pluralsight there are 4 key elements...

Character for 1st book

Teenage Author

Leora Gibbs, Editor November 2, 2021

Most authors are self-employed and don’t get any money until they publish their book and people start buying them. Publishers pay money called a royalty fee to authors in order to get the right to...

Special Education Bees

Happy Halloween at Morgan

Leora Gibbs, Editor October 29, 2021

The car I edited

Intro to Com Is Digital Art

Leora Gibbs, Editor October 19, 2021

In Intro to Communications, Intro to  Com for short, students learn composition techniques, design principles, and features of the DSLR cameras, as well as video editing principles using multiple...

How Important are Art Classes?

How Important are Art Classes?

Leora Gibbs, Editor October 4, 2021

People might think there is no point to having an art class in school when you’re supposed to be learning academic skills. Well, most skills you learn in school might not be used for a dream job...

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