How Important are Art Classes?

Creativity at Mogan

Earrings I made in Jewelry Design

People might think there is no point to having an art class in school when you’re supposed to be learning academic skills. Well, most skills you learn in school might not be used for a dream job anyway. At Morgan, art teacher Jessica Leiss teaches many types of art.

There are six art classes at Morgan: Drawing and Painting One, Drawing and Painting Two, Sculpture, Sculpture Two, Advanced Portfolio and Jewelry and Metalsmithing. For Drawing and Painting Two and Sculpture Two, students have to pass the level one class before taking level two. To get into the Advanced Portfolio, students have to pass Drawing and Painting Two with a 90 or higher.

Mrs. Leiss said that art is important because she believes it’s what makes us human. She said art is a good de-stressor from all the classes and work that people have to do. Most classes they just give you something to work on that doesn’t require your creativity.

A hawk I did in Advanced Portfolio

However, art classes are different. Students just get to do what they want. Classes like that are needed inside and outside school. Senior Jameson Labrec said that art is a good way to be creative and that his school experience would be terrible without it.

“Art is important because it gives your brain a break from all the hour long classes. School would be very terrible without art because I wouldn’t be able to enjoy my day without it,” said Senior Brittany Chapman of Drawing and painting one.

An angel I drew in Drawing and Painting 2

Senior Victoria Le thinks the same way as the others. She says art is really important because it makes people more creative. She said school would be boring without art class.

As a senior who has been in an art class every year, I know art classes aren’t for just relieving stress, but they teach students a lesson on life by showing them that life isn’t worth living if you don’t enjoy it.

Art class also helps people to be more flexible. Many jobs require you to be flexible. Some even require you to be creative and original. So art is needed to help make life itself a little easier.