Intro to Com Is Digital Art

Editing Photos at Morgan


The car I edited

The photo I mixed up

In Intro to Communications, Intro to  Com for short, students learn composition techniques, design principles, and features of the DSLR cameras, as well as video editing principles using multiple media platforms. These platforms are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and WeVideo. Intro to Com does fulfill the art requirement, but it should actually be considered an art class.

Students must create a folder in their Google Drive for their finished products. Then they have to share that folder with their Intro to Com teacher, mine was Theodore Enoch. They also have to create Google Slides or a site for all their projects.

Intro to Com is practically a digital art class because students take photos off the internet (they could use theirs) and edit them in a way that makes it unique to them. There are so many ways to edit photos. Intro to Com uses only a few to turn photos into a personal masterpiece.

Sure they can’t exactly take all the credit for those masterpieces, but at least Intro to Com should be considered an art class. Students take a photo of someone and a picture of a strange texture to create an alien. I looked up alien skin. If that can’t qualify as an art class, then nothing should be able to.

The cartoon roadrunner I drew

As someone who took Intro to Com, I should know. I worked on countless projects such as taking a black and white picture of a street or fruit basket off the internet and putting color into it. We also took a picture, cropped it into many pieces digitally, and put it together in some weird collage distorting the original picture.

The picture I made into a comic panel

The teacher gave us a picture of the cartoon roadrunner and showed us how to trace it in Adobe Illustrator. We had to trace over every part of it individually and put them together in the end. It was really fun, and it taught us how people draw cartoons.

I also took a picture of my favorite singer and made it look like something out of a comic. I worked hard to make the colors look perfect. Well, I didn’t really work hard on the background of the picture.

We even took a picture of a car, changed the color, and made it look like some kind of advertisement. I took a red Ferrari, colored it pink and purple, and threw it into a random empty showroom. Because of all these amazing projects that I created in Intro to Com, I think that it should be considered an art class.