Making a Great Anime

Elements of Good Anime

Oga from Beelzebub

Great anime shows are just as popular as great books, if not a little more. However, just like books and games there are certain elements they need in order to be great. According to I Geek Out, these elements are a good backstory, a frenemy to the protagonist, a balance between the protagonist and antagonist, character development, a good art style, and plot twists.

The most important element is character development. Since anime is another way for people to escape to another world, it has to be a bit more realistic. The characters and everything around them must feel more real and alive. This is because viewers who watch the anime can actually see everything that is happening, so it’s easier to pay attention to even the minor details. If the main character or characters don’t develop even a little throughout the show, it won’t feel real, and the viewers won’t like it as much.

The second most important element is plot twists. This is also important for books and games as well. Plot twists are what keeps shows and books interesting throughout the story. If a story just goes on the expected route without ever leaving it, the viewers get bored quickly. There have to be a few twists and turns that the viewers can’t see until it happens. That way they will be intrigued to continue watching it. However, the plot twists have to make sense. Otherwise the viewer might get mad and not want to continue watching.

Main character of Inuyasha

The art style is just as important as the first two elements. Viewers tend to be picky when watching anime since it’s moving art. They would focus on whether the drawings are neat and appealing. They focus on whether or not the artist colored in the lines or if the movement of the characters and other things are realistic. Another focus is whether the world in the anime looks 3D which requires shadows in the right places. It doesn’t have to look completely 3D. Another is the drawing style of the characters. Even though it varies from person to person, everyone has certain requirements when it comes to the art style of an anime. If the viewer doesn’t like the style, they most likely won’t watch it. For example, some people like characters with big eyes and childish faces, others might like characters with small eyes and chiseled jawlines. Of course, all characters have to look a little different, or it would be a bit weird. For example, there is a big difference in  art styles between Inuyasha, Beelzebub and Douluo Dalu.

The next element that is quite important is a balance between the protagonist and the antagonist. In other words, there has to be a big bad guy that the character can’t get rid of until the very end. The antagonist can’t be so overly powerful that the main character just can’t do anything to them. However, the main character also can’t overpower the antagonist until they beat them in the end. Though the protagonist doesn’t have to win in the end, some good shows end with the antagonist winning. This is to keep things interesting and suspenseful as well.

Tang Sang from Douluo Dalu

Not all anime have a character that is a frenemy to the protagonist, but sometimes having one can make a show more appealing. A frenemy is someone who used to be a bad guy who eventually became the main character’s friend. The frenemy doesn’t always get along with the protagonist but when it’s needed they’ll work together to form a perfect team, it’s quite intriguing. For example in Inuyasha the main character has someone he fights with a lot, but when it comes down to it they work together to fight a common enemy.

Last but not least, every anime, book or live action has to have a good backstory. Every good show starts with telling a bit of backstory so that the viewer or reader can understand what the piece is about and who the main character is. Without it, the viewer won’t understand anything and won’t watch it. There’s no point in watching something they don’t understand. The best backstory shouldn’t be too long or too short. Of course, sometimes they don’t show it right away in order to hook the viewer and meet expectations.

If you’re interested in watching anime there are quite a few good anime shows on Netflix. Some good ones are Heaven Offical’s Blessing (which is based off the book), Blue Exorcist, Ouran Highschool Host Club, Magi, Code Geass, Erased, Toradora, and Legend of Exorcism which is the same art style as Douluo Dalu. However, if you don’t want to pay for Netflix, then you can watch anime for free on Gogoanime, Kissanime and Crunchyroll.