Teenage Author

A struggle in Morgan


Character for 1st book

Support character for 2nd book

Most authors are self-employed and don’t get any money until they publish their book and people start buying them. Publishers pay money called a royalty fee to authors in order to get the right to publish their book. Royalties are taken from the money collected from the book sales.

According to Scribe Media, the author gets 7.5% royalties from the sales of paperbacks, 15% from hardcover, and 25% for e-book sales. However, authors don’t get anything until the books actually start selling. How much money the author gets depends on how much they sell monthly.

That is only for authors who publish their books a certain way. There are two ways to publish books. One way is the traditional way where writers send their manuscript to a publishing company and let them handle everything. The other is self-publishing which is where writers pay people to go through the publishing process and can have a say in what they do.

Authors who publish traditionally have to submit their work to a publishing company and have it selected for publication. Most publishing companies might not publish work from a new author thinking it might not get them much money. This way authors don’t have to pay for them to publish their book, and if their book is selected, they will make a deal with the publisher and receive a royalty.

Authors who self-publish have to pay money for the editing, marketing and production of their book. According to Self publishing school, self publishers have to pay for everything an author can expect to spend from $100 up to $2,500 on their books. However, if they do, they will get all the money collected from the sales.

Main character for 2nd book

Writing books is more like a hobby than a job because writers have no boss and no deadlines. New authors won’t get much money at the beginning of their career unless they somehow catch the attention of a big audience. As a newbie author no one knows, who is still in highschool, that will be hard to accomplish.

Right now I don’t want to get a job because I already have to spend so much time in school. However, that doesn’t really matter much because I can barely write in my books. I can only write in my books every once in a while, mostly during classes.

That isn’t good for me because I should be doing school work during classes, not writing in my books. I can’t write at home because there are too many distractions, or all my energy was used up in school. I can’t write in my books if I don’t have enough energy for it.

Focusing on class work all day until I get home drains most of my energy. By the time I get home, I can barely do a word search, so I just play games or watch something instead. When I do try to write, I am only able to write a few sentences.