Morgan Seniors Grapple With Choosing A College

Cost, Campus Life, Athletics, and More

Katie Martin, Chief Editor, Writer, Reporter

For most high school seniors, choosing a college is stressful and involves a thorough thought process. While it’s great to have options, it can be a little scary. Some seniors, like myself, have depended on making pros and cons lists. This way, we can easily narrow down our choices and decide what is best for us. There are many factors that go into deciding your future. For example, cost, campus life, athletics, majors and minors, programs, and more. 

Brochures for future plans

Cost is arguably the biggest factor that goes into choosing a college. On top of paying tuition, you will be spending more for living expenses, traveling, or Greek life. Senior Abel Rodriguez, although not formally committed to a school yet, mentioned, “For me, it’s financial support.” Similarly, senior Sophia Vigorito said that money is important for her, stating that she doesn’t want to come out with a lot of debt. However, most schools offer campus job opportunities and work-studies to help give students some pocket money for spending. 

Another factor that is popular in deciding on a college is campus life. For most, students want to be involved within the campus community of their school. They love the school spirit and sense of belonging. For senior Marin Stopkoski, this is a huge aspect for her when picking a college. “I want a school with heart. I want to be somewhere where people love their school and community. Especially coming from a high school like Morgan, the campus atmosphere has to match the Morgan energy.”

Athletics is huge for some seniors. Brooke Carlisle, a commit for lacrosse at Drew University, said, “The coaches from Drew were a lot more welcoming than other schools, and I got to actually connect with some of the other players. They also had the program I wanted, and I loved the location.” While most seniors aren’t playing a sport in college, athletics are still an important part of college life. Some students even factor in the NCAA division their school is involved in. 

Morgan guidance office (Katie)

The guidance department here at Morgan supports their students with advice on how to manage these big decisions. Setting up planning meetings can help some narrow down what they want. Juniors set up junior planning meetings to help outline their future plans after graduation. Likewise, seniors have meetings with their counselors to do the same. Guidance counselor Joni Zdunczyk advises students to do what is best for them. “I think it is important for students and families to consider their individual goals and needs. Everybody is different; you can’t make a decision because your friends are going somewhere. There are so many factors; financial, location, job placement rates. Really just focus on you and your family needs and not what everyone else is doing. It is an individual decision that you can’t let other people decide for you.” Guidance secretary Karen O’Beirn said, “It’s okay to ask as many questions that you need. Take advantage of all the opportunities in the guidance department. We have counselors that really want to help you.”

While we seniors still have time to commit to a school, we are winding down to the end of the year. May 1st is National Decision Day in the United States, which means that enrollment deposit is due. In other words, the pressure to decide is on. Though this can be a nerve wracking day, it is a day that celebrates all that students have worked towards for years. May 2nd will be the day the Morgan PawPrint celebrates the decisions. Flags will be provided; bring your smile and wear your post graduation merch.