Senior Spotlight: Nicholas Spaziano

Senior Interested in Biomedical Engineering


Nick at a leadership development excursion with REACT, 2021

Muntara Singh, Chief Editor, Writer

Nick ran cross country

Class of 2023 senior Nicholas Spaziano is not a stranger to bloody noses. He estimates that for most of his life, he was plagued by nosebleeds for 300 out of 365 days in a year. Every wrestling match he attended was inconvenienced, leaving him with no choice but to stuff a cotton swab in his nose and keep wrestling. Then, the summer before his senior year, he underwent a procedure to cauterize his nose. He no longer experiences them, and his life has changed. In fact, the impact of his new freedom so affected him that he wrote his college essay about it. This essay, along with a dedication to community involvement and a passion for biomedical engineering, earned him an acceptance into Northeastern University in the Early Action round this January.

Nick was captain of the wrestling team this 2022-23 season

Nick is a three-sport athlete, running cross country in the fall, wrestling in the winter, and playing baseball in the spring. He is captain of the baseball team and he was captain of the wrestling team this season. A lover of the outdoors, he has even tried to restart a ski club here at Morgan. Despite his commitment to wrestling, which would have prevented him from attending the trips, Nick still wanted to “share the wealth of knowledge” and give students the opportunity to try skiing for the first time. This mentality of putting others before himself has been a highlight of his time at Morgan, where he has been involved in volunteer work with REACT, INTERACT, and National Honor Society.

Career-wise, Nick was always interested in engineering and medicine. Recently, he has developed a passion for the technological integration with the human body that biomedical engineering allows. “I realized, why not combine the two?” he said. “It’s the best of both worlds.” He loves the multitude of opportunities available to him with a biomedical engineering degree. He could work in a hospital attending to specific patients’ needs with prosthetic limbs, or he could work with the human brain in neurotech. He used to be interested in becoming a math teacher, but now, just months before his graduation, his possibilities have changed. In fact, he truly became confident in his major after attending an admitted students day and learning about his options.

As for his college of choice, Nick is still awaiting responses from several. A criterion in deciding whether to apply to schools was the sense of community he has found to be signature at Morgan. Although he applied to bigger schools, he searched for a tight-knit student body where student sections are packed, just like the Dog Pound. “That family aspect is so important,” he reflected. 

Nick with senior Iris Dunham at Homecoming 2022