REACT: An Important Way To Get Involved

Haunted Hallways, Christmas in Clinton, and Suicide Prevention


A great way to get involved at Morgan is joining clubs. One club in, particular, REACT teaches students about mental health. Participants get to run Haunted Hallways, a night where people pay to walk through the scary decorated halls of Morgan. This year’s Haunted Hallways is 6:30-8:30 on Saturday, October 30th, and it is $5 per person.

Last year, members of REACT made people aware of the legalization of marijuana in Connecticut and how it affects teens. Suicide awareness week REACT used bulletin boards and positive sticky notes to publicize this week at Morgan.

REACT (Hannah Sharp)

Junior Sydney Giuliano shared that she is looking forward to Haunted Hallways because that was something she always enjoyed doing.

She recommends this club to anyone who is interested in learning about drug prevention or anyone who just wants to participate in school events.

Sophomore Kayla Brinkman said that she is excited for Haunted Hallways also; it didn’t take place last year because of Covid. Kayla said REACT is a great way to help our school. Sophomore Abby Lyon said that she is looking forward to making friends and just generally stepping out of her comfort zone. She recommends this club to people who want to help make a difference.

Many of the students said that REACT is important to join because you can meet new people. Sophomore Ainsleigh Landino joined because she thought it would give her a lot of chances to interact with people she doesn’t usually interact with. Junior Sofie Pasante said that she joined REACT to become a part of the community. She thinks that joining is a good idea because it’s fun, and students can do it with their friends. Freshman Kasey Allin joined because of the experiences in the future. Freshman Shaylah Prevost said she is looking forward to going on more trips with REACT. She says you should join this club if you want to have more fun.

REACT (Hannah Sharp)

Kelley Edwards and Shelby Mehmet have been running REACT for 11 years. Students wanted a good decision-making club and came to them for their leaders.

During REACT meetings there are a lot of leadership workshops, so people can develop leadership skills. REACT is all about helping each other and supporting each other. REACT is a place where students can choose good. It connects Morgan students not just to Morgan’s community, but the community of Clinton.

One event REACT is planning this year is Christmas in Clinton where they offer activities for kids, such as face painting.REACT plans to address mental health and suicide awareness. They offer QPR training, where people receive suicide prevention certificates.

If you want to join REACT, we meet every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7 in the Morgan Cafe. Email Kelley Edwards to join: [email protected]