Spanish and French National Honor Societies Induct New Members

Students and Parents Are Welcomed in Celebration

Katie Martin, Writer, Reporter

On Tuesday, December 6, 2022, the Spanish and French National Honor Societies welcomed new members into their organizations.

The following students were recognized as outstanding world language students. 

The Spanish National Honor Society

Crisangel Afanador 

Emely Andino 

Andrew Auletta 

Gavin Baptista 

Gianna Brown 

Justin Cabrera 

Viviana Chiachi 

Kaylyn DaRos 

Mia DiGiandomenico 

Annabella Fishman 

Nina Fishman 

Kevin Granzino 

Ava Johnson 

Chloe Jackson 

Ravi Kadel 

Riley Kuever 

Magdalena Lagos 

Dominic Larabee 

Wyatt Luke 

Noelle Main 

Rebecca May 

Ruben Miranda 

Angelie Navas 

Katie Nguyen 

Laura Orn 

Melanie Pugo 

Evelyn Quezada 

Griffin Ranaudo 

Matthew Reed 

Madelyn Sacta Guartazaca

Ariana Salgar 

Shannon Slie 

Kevin Villeda 

Molly Vitola 

Davis Walker 

French National Honor Society

Jillian DeMa
Paola Lopez 

Glenda Zhiminaicela 

The criteria to be eligible for the honor societies is as follows: candidates must have maintained a grade of at least A- (A minus) (or equivalent) in French or Spanish for three consecutive semesters prior to, and including, the semester of induction.  

During the ceremony, Spanish teacher Mrs. Rivadeneira and French teacher Mrs. Finnegan spoke about the importance of the club, the history, and the criteria in order to be accepted. Seniors Sofie Passante and James Ngyuen and junior Leah Scoppa also spoke in Spanish to welcome those accepted. There was a candle lighting ceremony and an oath reading for both languages. After the ceremony, students and parents were welcomed to the café where cake and drinks were served in celebration.