Morgan’s New School Counselor Intern

Clinton Resident Leah Mucciarone is Morgan’s New Intern


Bulletin Board Made By Ms. Mucciarone

This semester, Morgan has a new intern, Leah Mucciarone. She has lived in Clinton for three years, and wants to be a part of the Morgan community. According to state law, all school counselors need to have a master’s degree. To obtain this degree, these counselors need to intern for ten months. Miss Mucciarone plans to do her internship at Morgan while she earns her masters from Fairfield University. Miss Mucciarone says she will be here for all semester two and may be here next year. She wants people to know that her name is pronounced, much-a-ron.

Photo Of Leah Mucciarone

Miss Mucciarone previously worked at Hamden Hall as a biology teacher for seven years. She says the counseling department was different there. There was only one full time and part-time school psychologist for K-12. Clearly, there is much less support for students at Hamden Hall compared to Morgan. Over the course of teaching in Hamden, she noticed students were coming to her classroom to talk about topics other than biology. Students were comfortable talking to her about their personal lives and other issues they needed help with. She said she enjoyed getting to know her students at a different level, which led to her becoming a school counselor

Leah is receiving part of her training from Guidance Counselor Moheba Sayed. Mrs. Sayed is Mucciarone’s supervisor at Morgan, but she also has a supervisor at Fairfield University. Mrs. Sayed said that Morgan exposes her to what it’s like to be a counselor in a public school, which helps her learn how to use the technologies school counselling departments use, such as Naviance, and more.

Miss Mucciarone aspires to implement new ideas at Morgan, and says she wants to create a school garden. She is currently running a group for 9th and 10th grade classes, to help students with study, organization and communication skills. She would like to run it again, but with juniors and seniors next spring. Mucciarone would like to get involved with sports here at Morgan, since she loves lacrosse. She looks forward to getting to know Morgan’s athletes.