Our New Science Teacher: Ms. Apergis

Welcome to Morgan


Cameron Johnson

Ms. Apergis

Joining the Morgan family this year is Biology teacher Marianna Apergis. Ms. Apergis is very excited to teach biology to students here at Morgan because of all of the resources we have to offer. She said she loves the fact that we have local beaches right near her work environment. She believes that the best way to learn is to be connected to your environment.

When asked what the hardest part about coming to Morgan was, she replied “Definitely meeting everybody. There are so many great people at the school, but it’s hard to learn everybody’s face especially when you’re new.” While she may have originally struggled to learn who everyone is, it was no problem forming relationships with everyone in the science department. She says they all collaborate in many ways including sharing lessons/activities. They also use each other’s resources and build off of each other’s plans for a class.

This year, Ms. Apergis is teaching Biology to freshmen and sophomores. She enjoys the grade levels because she feels they pair well together for one teacher when forming lessons because they are not far apart on learning material and prior knowledge.



Casey Corrigan

Sophomore Casey Corrigan from Ms. Apergis’s Biology L1 class said his favorite things to do have been the experiments. One experiment that he particularly enjoyed was a crab race. He said that they tested if different factors such as food, sound, or objects would cause crabs to walk faster or slower. Currently, they are learning about enzymes, and one experiment they conducted involved putting a potato in acid to see the reactions. Casey is excited about more experiments and to learn about how biology is important in our everyday lives.