Morgan’s Husky Research Group Helps Clinton

Morgans Husky Research Group Helps Clinton

Jeanean Cox

Ryan Mansfield, Reporter

The Morgan School has always been very connected to the town of Clinton. Many students of Morgan are part of the Clinton community in many ways, but now they have the opportunity to help out their town by joining one of Morgan’s new programs. The Husky Research Group is a new group at Morgan that will allow students to help the town by gathering data and information that the town can use to help its citizens. Mathematics Teachers John Madura and Julian Milcent are leading this group.

Clinton Town Hall

This group was founded Mr. Madura, a Clinton resident and Morgan graduate, who is very eager to help out the town and to teach students the importance of data. Mr. Madura wanted to start a group that could be influential in school as well as the town. Mr. Madura said, “I really wanted to get students involved with gathering data to help the town of Clinton. If they learn something too, that will be great.” The Husky Research Group gathers data from the town.  Students can choose which data they collect or the town lets them know what data they need.  Mr. Madura said, “Sometimes the town will come to us with tasks, and we will do them. It is completely bipartisan as well. We help both Democrats and Republicans come up with data they need.” Mr. Madura also wants the students to know that they are the ones running the group. He said, “The students are basically in charge. They come to me with what they want to do and each time the topics have been great.” The Husky Research Group is working alongside of Clinton Town Manager Karl Kilduff.

The way this group is able to collect this data ranges from simple to more complex. Mr. Madura said, “We use lots of technology. Google Forms are something we use a lot. We also use good old data collection. Many students go and collect data on their own with their own observations.” Mr. Madura had a strong message, he said, “Overall we are just trying to help out the town of Clinton and hopefully learn as well as have fun.”

Many students that are part of this group have some very interesting tasks. Junior Tarik Hasic is collecting data on traffic patterns in Clinton. He said, “I watch the traffic and record my data on how many cars there are as well as if there is anything illegal going on.” Illegal things include speeding, going through red lights, as well as stop signs. Tarik said, “I am doing this because I believe that it could really help the town.” Tarik sits in certain locations watching the traffic and recording his data. He tries to pick places with a higher volume of traffic.  This information will definitely help the town because it will show the patterns of traffic in certain parts of Clinton, which may lead to new lights and stop signs or even higher police presence where data may show poor driving behavior.

Traffic Sign

Junior Julia Walker is helping the town as well but in a much different way. When asked about her task she said, “I am looking at shellfish populations in Clinton which will help the town decide if shell fishing should be allowed or if they need to put more into the water.” Julia said, “I will be using my boat as well as looking at samples from the harbor.”  Julia is doing this because she wants to get ahead on what she is going to do in the future. Julia said, “I want to do this because it is interesting as well as it can help me with my future in going into a biology major.” Julia will be working with the Shellfish Commission in Clinton which is responsible for the shellfish in our waters.

This new program will be very influential on the town of Clinton and all who take part. Students who love math as well as Clinton or even just have a passion for something should consider joining this group. 

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