The Great Old Morgan Demolition


Sozon Albanis, Reporter and Photographer

The current Morgan School is the 3rd school Clinton students attend before they go their separate ways. The old Morgan School that is just down the road from the current school has been closed since 2016. However, on October 5, 2020, we got the news that the old Morgan School was going to be demolished and turned into a BIG Y, retail establishments, restaurants, a Starbucks, and a hotel. All of those buildings and shops will replace the school many of our teachers, parents, and siblings attended. 

To some students and teachers, it’s depressing. But for other students and teachers, it’s exciting and surprising to hear that all that ground will be covered by a whole new landscape full of shops and hotels. Perhaps your grandparents who went to the old Morgan School would faint, flip out of their chair, or storm over to the construction manager and shout every curse word they know right in their face. Although some may be mad that this is happening, there is nothing that we can do about it.


What do current Morgan students think about the destruction of the old Morgan and the establishments that will take its place? Read below for some answers from current Morgan School students: 

Kaitlyn Bach Grade: 10

“It’s very heartbreaking to hear that the old Morgan is being demolished, and I wish I could have gone to the old Morgan for high school”

Giancarlo Saturnaro Grade: 9

“I don’t know if it should be destroyed and turned into a BIG Y or if it should be turned into something else”

Chris Dowd Grade: 10

“We might not have to wait long before the building gets destroyed and turned into a BIG Y and Starbucks”

Mason Grott Grade: 9

“I think that it’s a very convenient plan and hopefully it ends well”

Maggie West Grade: 9

“I am very excited about it because of the new stores that will be placed in the old school’s place, and I didn’t have a very personal experience with it”

Jailey Milhomme Grade: 9 

“I am sad about the destruction because future students won’t be able to go there and will have to come to a smaller school

Dylan Mazzerella Grade: 10 

“It’s a good idea because more stores will open up and that means more job opportunities will be available for the future students of Morgan or for anyone looking for a place for work. I think it will be completed by 2023 or 2024”

I think it’s sad to see an old building that once held hundreds and even thousands of students being demolished. It is like destroying a piece of Clinton’s historical landmarks. While it is sad to see the old school being demolished and turned into something that will make Clinton more into a city than a town, it will be very useful for anyone who needs money and is looking for somewhere to work. When the new buildings are built, there should be a sign and plaque near the entrance that says something like: This ground was where the old Morgan stood.