Culinary Arts Students Recieve Trophy for Best Soup!


Written by Katie Costello and Paige Mustaro |
Photos taken by Paige Mustaro |


Christmas in Clinton takes place annually. This event holds many opportunities for people to interact with one another doing arts and crafts or competitions. One of the culinary classes taught by Mrs. Nunan, won best soup which was voted on by the town. Students entered their famous tomato basil soup in which teachers at Morgan greatly enjoy. Some of the competitors included Malone’s Coffee House, Cenicola’s Deli, and SalDiMarcos.


Students that helped make this soup were; Jocelynn Allen, Connor Crowley, Lily Delaura, Kate Eveland, Becca Farrow, Jaime Fitzgerald, Steven Jarra-Torres, Dylan Ketch, Brianna Norman, and Olivia Savva. Students that served soup to the judges which included 250 towns people were Jocelynn Allen, Kate Eveland, Becca Farrow, and Jaime Fitzgerald.

Congratulations to Mrs. Nunan and her culinary class!