Morgan Poltical Club and Clinton PTA Host Board of Education Candidates Forum


Written By PaulMichael Mullally|

Video Footage Jonathan Markovics|


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This past Tuesday, 10/15, the Morgan Political Club and the Clinton PTA hosted the Clinton Board of Education Candidates Forum. The evening format consisted of a ballot overview, three minute introductory statements, a series of pre-formulated question and answer series, question from the audience and closing remarks. The forum had an attendance of over fifty audience members.

The six candidates for the Board of Education deeply explained their professional backgrounds and comprehensively answered multiple questions regarding current issues facing the rapidly changing educational system. Below is a brief introduction of each candidate and their views/objectives as a Board of Ed. member:

Kim Buckley: Buckley is a lifelong resident of Clinton and a graduate of The Morgan School’s Class of 1988. She was a Honors Scholar graduate from UConn and has a Master of Arts from Hofstra University. Buckley is also a current member of the Board of Ed, sitting as the chair of the B.O.E. Public Relations Subcommittee, a former board member of the Harry Swaun Little League, and the founding member of the Clinton Education Foundation. Buckley’s future priorities as a B.O.E. member include providing the opportunities for all students to achieve their full potential, engaging the community as partners in education, and managing tax dollars more carefully and responsibly.

Ethelene DiBona: Dibona is a current member of the Board of Education. Her past initiatives as representative have included forming committees on healthier food-styles within the school system and actively reviewing and developing new policies in terms of security, cell-phones, and computers. In terms of the curriculum, DiBona states the B.O.E. has already worked diligently for K-12 curriculum that aligns with the new Common Core State Standards. Dibona also believes her current work to revise the curriculum so that it will have no over-laps or gaps between a grade transition.

Dr. Michael Giordano: Giordano is a native of Clinton and was a member of The Morgan School’s Class of 1978. Mike then went to Columbia University to complete his B.S. in bioengineering, followed by an M.D. from New York University, then a M.B.A. from the Yale School of Management in 2007. Mike has had no previous experience as a Board of Ed. representative but plans to focus his initiatives on reading and writing skills, realistic computer applications, personal finances, and an over-all general focus on making a high school education that is more applicable to recent political and global issues.

Ray Moore: Moore has a PhD in Nuclear Physics from the University of Liverpool, England; he has an extensive background in technology, network design, network management, and engineering. Moore does not have a previous background as a B.O.E. representative, but if he becomes a future member, he hopes to focus on: reducing the loss of students to other towns and private schools, improving teaching and learning efficiency, helping students at all levels reach their full potential and identify and promote supplementary programs for gifted and talented students. Moore hopes to make Clinton gain recognition as a Top 10 school district in Connecticut.

Annaliese Spaziano: Spaziano is a Clinton resident for 12 years and is a mother of two children in the Clinton Public Schools. Her educational background includes a BA in environmental science and policy and a MA in environmental education. She is currently the principal of The Academy, Milford’s alternative high school. As Spaziano is a current member of the B.O.E.’s “New Future, New Morgan,” she plans to continue to focus on “achieving excellence while nurturing the whole child in a climate of high expectations,” sustaining a strong curriculum while providing greater professional development, and ensuring that tax dollars are spent and used responsibly.

Tim Winiger Sr.: Winger is not a previous member of the B.O.E. but hopes to focus on enforcing and developing specific policies to cover all scenarios. He also stated that he “hopes to encourage more parents to become actively involved in a child’s education, causing higher grades/grad rates and a decreased amount of drug usage.” Winger also hopes to focus on providing greater professional development, more school-sponsored student-parent activities, and a more professional approach to special-education.

All candidate information was provided directly from the candidate or in their information pamphlet, given to all forum attendees. Additional information can found on the Clinton PTA’s website: