Winners: 2023 Volleyball Fundraiser

First Tournament for Class of 2025


On Wednesday, April 26th, The Morgan School held the first Volleyball Tournament ever, as a fundraiser for the sophomore class. According to mathematics teacher Jessica Lynch, the class raised $1,100. This money will be used for the Class of 2025 junior and senior prom. Mrs. Lynch also noted that they are probably going to do it again next year since people really seemed to enjoy it.

Teams from all grades and even a faculty team competed for a championship title. There were 9 teams that played for the best of three sets to 11 points; the final match had a third set of only 7 points.

The tournament was competitive, fun, and had a winner. The players on the winning team were Steven Kinser, Matt Lopez, Joe Morse, Kaylynn DaRoss, Erik Barrera, Jacob Jones, and Oliver Baker. Congratulations to the winners.