Managers Help With The Spring Sports

Scorekeeping, Documenting, Sports Knowledge


The girls softball team, boys baseball, and boys lacrosse teams all have new managers for the current seasons. Managers are required/expected to know about the sport, record the games, keep track of the stats book, and score board. While some of these teams require all four of these tasks to be filled, others require just one or two. 

Boys Lacrosse Team

Molly Shortt, Delia Konsevich, and John Paul are managing the boys lacrosse team for their senior year. Molly explains, “I have so much respect for the game of lacrosse., My brother plays lacrosse; my dad was a coach, and I like to watch the sport.” As the class of 2023 is wrapping up their senior year, we are expecting more than just an average student section at the spring sports games. “I’m just looking forward to the season with the boys, and I hope you guys can pack the pound.” said Molly.

Seniors Camryn Coffey and Lola Damiano are managing the boys baseball team. Camryn said, “This year I decided not to do track, and I wanted to participate in something.” Boys baseball played a tough game against North Branford yesterday, April 3, to open up their season. “I’ve always loved watching baseball, I grew up playing softball, so I enjoy the game. I’m super excited for the upcoming sea

Boys Baseball Team

son, and go Huskies.” Lola Damiano explains, “I’m so excited to be participating in something for the end of senior year, with one of my best friends.” Lola expects to have a focus in sports management in college, so partaking in this role will help tremendously. ”Doing this for the end of my senior year is bittersweet,” said Lola. 

Girls softball has two new managers, both juniors, Madelyn Sacta, and Giovanna Santos. 

Morgan students are expecting to have an electric spring sports season with great spirit and hype for the games. Check out the scores and game schedules for spring sports under the sports tab at the Morgan Pawprint.