Morgan Volleyball Says Goodbye to 12 Beloved Seniors

Volleyball Senior Night 2022


On October 27, 2022, Morgan Girls Volleyball had their senior night. Morgan played New London at 5:15 in the Morgan gymnasium and beat New London in 3 sets. This special night brought on strong emotions in both the players and the people watching. Seniors Amelia Whelan, Kacey Edwards, Eva O’Sullivan, Magdalena Lagos, Julia Kelly, Sofie Passante, Maddie O’Sullivan, Kendra Robayo, Courtney Vause, Sydney Robison, Kenzie Noreikis (manager) and Bridget Orr (manager) were honored this past Thursday for their hard work and dedication to Morgan Girls Volleyball.

JV coach Laura Luther says that she is beyond sad that the seniors are leaving. She said that the senior class built a foundation for Morgan Volleyball to continue and build. Mrs. Luther says that she loves all the girls like they are her children, and she has loved seeing them grow and change through the years. She will mostly miss the teamwork aspect that the seniors brought and their love for Morgan.

Math teacher and varsity coach Jessica Lynch said that she is very sad about the seniors leaving because they have been a core group throughout the past four years and have defined who Morgan Volleyball as a program. She said the seniors made a significant impact on Morgan Volleyball because they have been a huge source of energy in the past four years. They make volleyball a fun and welcoming environment for anybody who wants to be a part of the program. The seniors have also established an amazing work ethic and have exemplified dedication to the team and to the program as a whole. They have put a lot of time and effort into making themselves better as players, in turn making the team more successful. Their commitment to each other and the team has made a huge difference, and Ms Lynch is very thankful for that. She also said that it has been great watching them grow and develop into the players they are today. Ms. Lynch said that the best thing about this group is that although they have changed immensely throughout the last four years, they have also stayed true to themselves and have stayed a stable force. Their energy, excitement, and hard work has not faltered since they were freshmen, which has been great to work with.

These 12 seniors will be missed dearly. Morgan Volleyball will not be the same without them. They left a legacy behind that will never be forgotten. We wish them the best of luck in their lives outside of Morgan, and we thank them for their commitment to Morgan Volleyball.