Morgan Volleyball Wins Shorelines!


Written by Katie Costello |

Morgan Volleyball won the 22nd Shoreline Conference on Saturday, 11/2 at Cromwell.  Along with this amazing accomplishment, Lily Dawson won Player of the Year for Class S, Jen Dawson got 1st team All Shoreline, and Coach Grippo was inducted into the Volleyball Hall of Fame. The Morgan Volleyball team is moving along swiftly in their season and have many more wins to come.


Lily Dawson says ,”Its a real honor to be chosen Player of the Year. A lot of the other players are really good and to be chosen out of all of them is a really great accomplishment.” Jen Dawson modestly says ,”It’s always an honor to get recognized for the hard work and I’m really happy to be able to get the recognition, but it wouldn’t be possible without my other teammates and coaches.”

Morgan Volleyball is a strong team. Jen Dawson says,” The season is going really well. We have a close team that works through everything no matter how hard it is. This is one of the best teams I’ve been on, and its been shown throughout our season of 22-0.” Kelsy Orsini explains, “Winning Shorelines is great and the feeling after winning that game never gets old.” Sarah Dalhberg says ,”Winning shorelines was emotional. I was pumped we won, but sad that it was the last year the seniors would play together.”

Although the Morgan Volleyball team has been undefeated for many years, the student body support has slowly decreased after so many wins. Kelsy Orsini explains ,”We get support from students only for a couple games a year. The faculty almost never comes, and most people’s excuse is that we always win. This is frustrating for our team because we play a good game and have no one cheer for us.” Jen Dawson explains ,”The fact that we are undefeated definitely causes less student support.  All the students’ excuses are ‘you always win so what’s the point of watching you kill another team.’ There is no good solution at this point to get fans to come because we post around social media and the school to get people to come to our games but that hasn’t changed anyone’s opinion on coming to the games.”

Be sure to come support the Volleyball team on November 6th at Morgan in its first states game!