Academic Activities In Morgan’s Classrooms

Ms. Frydenborg, Mr. Madura, Mr. Gersz Have Morgan Students Creating Exciting Class Projects


Laura Orn & Josephine Simon Working

Mrs. Frydenborg Freshman English Class Radio Show
On Wednesday, January 5th, 2022, English teacher Julie Frydenborg and her Freshman English honors class hosted a radio show based on Book 10 of the Iliad. Both of the Freshman Honors English classes participated during B period and E period. This performance was done in order to highlight and fully summarize the action in Book 10 of the Iliad.

Students were allowed to create these performances. They performed their radio show complete with sound effects while socially distancing, seated safely at their desks. During the performance, each student was a different character,and they read their lines that they wrote for each scene

Maeve Madura

Each student read their lines and used their own sound effects that they wished to produce during their lines. There were also extras who would come in and say some lines or sound effects during the performance to bring it to life as well. The students were able to use hand sanitizer, their feet, water bottles, and computer sound effects to make their performances come to life. These sound effects were used for the entirety of the three scenes.

The students participating in the performance during E Period include Namdon Shingsur, Joseph O’Brien, Olivia Ruotolo. Katie Nguyen, Tyler Farrell, Isabella Johnson, Lily Pan, and Micheal DeRenzo.

News 8

Mr. Madura’s Class Made It Into The News
Mr. Madura’s data science class made it onto News 8. Students described the class as being exciting and completely different from classes they took in the past. In News 8’s report, students noted that the class was well taught and easy to understand. One of the students interviewed in the report, Noelle Woods, says “This was my first time being on the news. I was nervous to have such a huge camera in my face, but other than that, I was fine with it. I like the class, definitely a fan of it. Mr. Madura is really down to earth and unique.”

Dimensions Of Health Project
This February, in all of Mr. Gersz’s Freshman health classes, students are doing a project on the four dimensions of health: physical, mental, social, and spiritual health. Students are making posters on each of the dimensions of health and what they can do to improve on these areas. They are making their posters unique to them and including drawings of different activities or hobbies that reflect their own lives.