Super Sub: Mr. Astry

Morgan substitute Douglas Astry has been subbing for the duration of the school year. At the start of 2020-2021, Mr. Astry substituted for retired mathematics teacher Alan Samet and has been now filling in for social studies Diana Rizzo since January. You may have seen Mr. Astry before as he has been subbing at The Morgan School the last few years. Though Mr. Astry is not certified to be a full-time teacher, he said, “I love school; if I could stay in school forever, I would.” His love for education has always been prominent throughout his life, taking his keen desire for learning wherever he embarked, whether it was on the road traveling cross country or simply discovering his passions. Mr. Astry did clarify quite pleasantly that he is not of somatic youth stating “As you may know Julianne… I’m not a young man.”

Despite the age difference between him and his students, he finds much respect and fascination with them. He stated many times how impressed he was with the attitudes, mindset, and overall maturity of Morgan students. When Mr. Astry gets to spend a long period of time with classes, he enjoys the experience.  He said, “I really get to teach them and make some sort of impression.” While Morgan is not the only school in this district where he has taught, he still remarks that the values and charisma is overwhelmingly more positive here. 

Principal Keri Hagness and Assistant Principal Christopher Luther feel immense gratitude towards Mr. Astry. Not only was Mr. Astry one of the only people to step up as a substitute during COVID-19, but he also puts his all into his teaching. Mr. Luther said, “Mr. Astry has quickly become part of our Morgan family because he cares about academics as well as the whole student.  He respects the students and they, in turn, respect him.  I cannot thank him enough for all that he has done for our school community.  His kindness and generosity will not be forgotten.”  Realizing Mr. Astry’s love for education and passion for learning, the administration knew he would be a good fit for a long-term substitute position which has greatly impacted not only Mr. Astry but his students as well.