National Honor Society Inducts 73 Students Despite COVID-19 Setbacks

National Technical Honor Society Inducts 21


Iris Dunham

Senior, Madison Corgan

Senior, Madeline Dunham

On Tuesday, April 6, 2021, 73 students were inducted into the National Honor Society. The National Honor Society is an elite group at Morgan. All students inducted into NHS must have a minimum GPA of a 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, they must volunteer their time to the school and the community, they must be leaders, and they must have good character. This means they work well with others; they are honest and reliable; they respect others, and have a clean disciplinary record.

Last year, the induction ceremony did not happen due to COVID-19, so this year, those who were not inducted last year were finally inducted. This made the ceremony even more valuable and memorable. 

The students and their family members arrived in the cafeteria where they received their pins, a certificate, and a rose. They were pinned by their family and got their pictures taken. Students who take the culinary elective with Ms. Murphy baked cookies that each student was able to take, as well.

This year’s ceremony looked a lot different due to COVID-19 protocols, the head of NHS at Morgan, Shannon Robinson, knew that it was important to the students that they were inducted despite these setbacks. With this being Mrs. Robinson’s first year as head of NHS, she worked hard to put together a formal ceremony for these students to honor their hard work and to show them that their efforts do not go unnoticed.

Junior, Ryan Baker

Head of the National Tech Honors Society, Lawrence Chapman, was also able to honor 21 students at this event. Mr. Chapman has been the head of NTHS for eight years.

These students must have at least a 3.0 GPA on their academic record. They must demonstrate a high level of achievement and skill development, and they must also be focused on a Career and Technical Education (CTE)  

Junior, Emilia O’Neil

pathway, in order to be inducted into the NTHS. 

Even with the hardships and setbacks created by COVID-19, these hardworking students were recognized by their families and their school on a very memorable night. 

Below are photos from the ceremony and a list of who was inducted into NHS:

Seniors: Abigail Eydman, Aiden Maurais, Alexander Urban, Alexandra Wolf, Augusta Wohlstrom, Brendan Daly, Caitlyn Donadio, Callie Andrews, Cameron Esler, Clara Franzoni, Dylan Ayer, Emily Schulze, Emma Lindsay, Evan Baptista, Francesca Tino, Grace Pendleton, Joshua Bardinelli, Justin King, Kaylene Koelle, Kevin Carse, Lauren Dundon, Leah Burdick, Louis Bradley, Madeline Dunham, Madison Corgan, Marisa Broderick, Maxwell Skidmore, Meagan Dundon, Megan Jenkins, Owen O’Donnell, Rachael Pellegrini, Riley Saunders, Ryan Hromadka, Ryan Inglis, Ryan Nguyen, Samuel Reed, Sarah Dautrich, Sarah Gaetano, Scarley Vasquez, Tatum Petrelis, Vanessa Horan

Juniors: Abigail Vitola, Aidan Madura, Alexander Fratamico, Alexandra Vera, Alfredo Supik, Brady Fritz, Cailan Steahle, Camryn Smith, Connor Levy, Emilia O’Neil, Fabio Silveira, Garret Garbinski, Jessica Flanagan, Kailina Olcott, Kasandra Gutierrez, Katherine Robinson, Kyra Savage, Liam Whittel, Madeline Davenport, Margaret O’Donnell,  Matthew Hynek, Pamela Reinoso, Rebekah Moro, Ryan Baker, Ryan Mansfield, Tarik Hasic, Taylor Maher, Timothy McComiskey, Victoria Le