An Architectural Paradise


The OG school as Mike is the OG custodian

Written By Jonathan Markovics |

Despite rescheduling, spending an uncomfortable amount of time in our main office, and dealing with “is she or isn’t she in her office” (no need to fib), I was able to finally sit down with our school principal, Mrs. Keri Hagness, who offered her insight on the New Morgan School.  She offered that unlike the current Morgan School, the New Morgan will not be a jail.  At this point, I didn’t know if I should yell “GUARD”, and try to get out alive, but I carried on.  This was an interesting analogy our principal made, and I wanted to learn more.

Everyone take a deep breath and relax.  The New Morgan sounds as if it is going to offer students a great architectural design, a “21st century” building at its best.  Hopefully, this is not a lot of hoopla and the design will actually bring a positive change to the student body performance overall with regards to academic achievement.  A lot has been in the local press about how a new building can improve a student’s outlook on school thus producing better students.  No one can argue that this would not be welcome here at Morgan; improved test scores and more students achieving better grades will definitely help make the case.

I inquired if Mrs. Hagness visited a 21st century high school after the New Morgan School was approved.  She stated, “Yes, we have visited New Haven schools, for design related ideas.”  Hagness went on to explain that the New Morgan is going to have more purposeful rooms.  The cafeteria is going to be more than an eating space; it will double as a great place to go for collaboration.  The New Morgan School is not going to encompass learning in the traditional classroom setting, as our current school is doing.  The new school will open up a new dynamic way of learning that should create an enjoyable atmosphere for all students.

Next, I questioned Mrs. Hagness with regards to new areas of study in the New Morgan school.  She responded, “We are going to play around with the schedule.”  Mrs. Hagness did not mention any new classes being offered at the New Morgan, but she did state that the New Morgan School will grant permission for students to study language in our surrounding communities.  Also, students will be afforded the opportunity of an internship at a place of interest to them if they desire.  Both of these new learning areas will be accommodated during the school hours.  Mrs. Hagness emphasized that the new school environment will be personalized to students’ own needs.  Students will be wise to take advantage of these new learning opportunities.

Our current school building offers students what it can to the extent of its capabilities.  It will have done the job for its time.  The New Morgan School will do the job for its time.  Mrs. Hagness mentioned many good reasons why future students of the New Morgan School will be offered a solid education.  In the end, it is up to the students to get the education they want.  The buildings offer a great foundation, but the people inside are the key to success.