Video Game Club – Webb v. Ferace Match 1


Darby Oboyski|

Hello everyone. Welcome to my new series called Teacher Turmoil where two teachers go head-to-head against each other in games that you students vote for. For our first episode, we have Tyler Webb vs MarcAngelo Ferace in Injustice 2. Before you watch the video, I would just like to mention to you how this started. During our first meeting on Thursday, 11/30/17, we convinced Mr. Webb to play Injustice 2. Mr. Ferace had been in the room previously but left to finish some work he had. When we had Mr. Webb play, he texted Mr. Ferace, calling him out. Almost a minute later, Mr. Ferace is knocking on the window. Just before they started their match, I went to grab a camera to record their match. This is the reason for the video being wobbly. Once a week, I will have a poll that anyone can take where you can choose teachers to play against each other, and you can also choose what game they could possibly play. Well without further delay, I hope you enjoy the video.


[wpvideo 8CHzDi8f]