The Blondes Are Back


Written by Emily Davis and Taylor Marnett |
Photos by Aedan Mahoney |

The annual powderpuff football game was on Tuesday, November 21st this year. The blondes and brunettes fought hard to the end. The blondes came out on top after scoring in the last few minutes of the game. The final score was 6-0 since the blondes couldn’t quite get the 1 point conversion. This game is a tradition that takes place at Peters Complex football field each year. This year the money raised is going to the senior class and a local Clinton family who recently had a tragedy in their home.

This year’s game truly showed how competitive the Morgan girls can get. There were even a few minor injuries including Sophomore Alyssa Smith who broke her nose, Senior Mikayla Mancini who twisted her ankle, and Freshman Frankie Tino who fractured her finger. There were some intense moments during the game such as when Junior Caitlin Turner attempted to hurdle another girl. The blondes had a lot of fun winning for the first time in a few years. Junior Olivia McCray said, “I’ve played since freshman year, and I play for the blondes, and we’ve lost the past two years so winning this year was really exciting. This was the lowest scoring game so it was super intense and fun to play in.” The brunettes weren’t as excited but still had fun according to Senior Taylor Marnett who said, “I’m really upset we lost, but I think we put in good effort.” Each year boys volunteer to participate as cheerleaders. They are coached by real Morgan cheerleaders to put on a performance that entertains the crowd during halftime. They also cheer on the ladies during the game, equally rooting for both teams.

Last year’s game was played in the snow so the spectators were few and far between. However, this year looking out at the crowd you could see many parents and students in the stands supporting their lady huskies. No matter the outcome, all the players seemed to enjoy the experience. Senior Abby Pitarra said, “As a senior, it was a great way to get out and have fun with the underclassmen and bond.” Powderpuff is a tradition that will hopefully continue on for many years to come. Go Huskies!