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Winter Dance


Written by Marie Kane |
Photos by Alvina Tran and Krystina LEcuyer

On Saturday, March 11, there was a winter semi-formal dance hosted by the Student Council for all grades. Admission was $5 and was from 7:00-10:00. Morgan raised a total of $465 from the dance. There were line dances, rap, and a few old pop songs. Anyone was allowed to bring a guest from another school, but it was mainly just the Huskies out on the floor. Although there were not many people, we managed to have a fun time jamming out to music and taking photos with our friends.

Spanish teacher Laura Luther thinks that the dance was fun for those who attended. She explains how she and the student council did not publicize it well, which is why not many people came. Mrs. Luther said we have some things to work on when it comes to dances, and they will have them in place for next year. ¨I love to see the students happy and having fun. To be able to interact with the students outside of the classroom, actually, helps inside the classroom. Both of us get to see one another as people instead of just student and teacher.¨

Junior class president Brett Martin said the dance was as he expected, ¨mainly freshmen and sophomores with a few juniors and seniors.¨ He said that since he is on student council, he knew not to expect a large crowd but was hoping for one. ¨The thing about dances is that no one really cares unless it’s Homecoming, and that’s too bad. They can be fun if more people showed up.¨

Junior vice president Wyatt Reu thought the dance went very well. He said that ¨expectations were low going in but a good amount of people showed up, and everyone had a good time.¨ Wyatt´s favorite part of the dance was everyone being together, everyone enjoying dressing up, and enjoying the music.

Sophomore class president Caleb Adams-Hull said, ¨Overall I feel that the dance went well, although the turnout was relativity low. I feel that the people that did show up had a good time.¨ Caleb also said that ¨if the student body showed support for another dance,  it would be relativity easy to make that happen.¨ His favorite part of the dance was the music because ¨the student council worked hard to include music that the student body would enjoy and overall I think we were successful in doing so.¨

Sophomore vice president Erin Lindsay says, ¨I think the dance itself went pretty well. I understand that not very many people heard about the dance until the last minute which caused some confusion and resulted in fewer people showing up. However, I think that Student Council sent out many emails, put the dance on social media, and announced it during school so there was a decent amount of publicity.¨ Erin´s favorite part of the dance was being around all of her friends from all the different grades and dancing to the music played by Matt Capece and Lindsay Harden. She thinks it was very fun when some of the teachers even came out to dance.





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