Winter Formal

Written by: Mikaela Gaudet and Maya Kadel |


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How many of you remember that survey we took in advisory about a winter formal? Well, the Morgan School will be having a winter formal on Saturday, January 31st. The cost is $15, but if will cost $25. There is a catch to this formal, girls will be asking boys to the dance. However, you can still attend without a date. Freshman Taylor Marnett thinks “that it would make things more stressful for girls to ask out boys to go to the dance. Boys already have enough experience, and girls are usually shy.” While freshman Tyler Newfield said, “it’s different and unique for girls to ask out guys.”

Many girls get nervous about asking boys, so the option of going to the dance without a date is better. The tickets will go on sale after break (January 5th) during your lunch wave. Generally, a date dance does include exchange of small flowers, but you do not have to. It is expected for students to dress nice. For example, girls wear nice dresses and boys wear nice attire.

An idea for what to wear for boys is polo shirts and khakis. For girls, classy dresses rather than pencil skirts are recommended. White and black goes with everything, it makes it easier to find necklaces or belts that match.

If attending the dinner, your tickets must be purchased no later than January 15th. The dinner will include chicken, veggies, mashed potatoes, rolls, desert, and drinks.

Last year Morgan didn’t have a winter dance, so hopefully people attending the dance are looking forward to it. The formal should bring lots of laughter and fun. If you don’t want to attend, think again!

For more information on the previous winter formals visit Winter Formal?


4 responses to “Winter Formal

  1. The article gives out a lot of information of what to wear and other things about the winter formal. Girls asking guys sure is different than what it usually is with guys asking girls, but it’s nice to see this type of change.


  2. This article is informative and i think it is a good topic for an article because many people are nervous for this dance because girls are asking guys. It’s informative and gives tips on what to wear and how much it costs.


  3. I believe girls asking guys was a creative idea and quite a change. However I think some girls are quite shy and may just end up going with a group of friends instead which is fine. Overall this is a nice event and I will be participating.


  4. Pretty cool to see girls asking guys, rather than guys stereotypicaly asking girls; and it is also neat that this formal offers dinner this time around. Good to see The Morgan School coming together and participating in a positive event.


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