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Ed Gerety Comes to Morgan

Ed Gerety Comes to Morgan

September 18, 2017

Written by Marie Kane | Image by Twitter On Friday, September 1 at the end of the school day, leadership speaker Ed Gerety came to Morgan. He spoke of leadership, kindness, and had us do some exercises with a partner. Ed Gerety has been working as a professional speaker for 25 years now. His fa...

Leon Logothetis Comes Morgan’s Way

Leon Logothetis Comes Morgan's Way

September 8, 2017

Written by Marie Kane | Photos by Mrs. Hagness and Marie Kane On Thursday, August 31st, the second day of the 2017-2018 school year, there was an assembly during advisory on the Kindness Revolution and the Kindness Club. During the assembly, Principal Keri Hagness explained how a staff member in our school sent a letter to Leon Logothetis, a celebrity who has his own Netflix series, Th...

Meeting Kristan Higgins

June 2, 2012

Written by Serafina Sicignano | If you have never read a book by Kristan Higgins, I suggest you do. Maybe it is because I love genre fiction but from the two books so far that I have read, Somebody to Love and Catch of the Day, let me just say that I am hooked! Her writing is quirky, cute, and funny, and geared towards women. Meeting her was th...

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